Episode 547 - Wednesday, 26th September 2001

Wednesday, 26th September 2001: Danny confides in Michelle what Carlos wants him to do. Michelle brainstorms to try and figure a way out of the problem. After much consideration, Michelle instructs Danny to tell Carlos that he will steal the money from Spaulding. Carmen and Gus go over their deal: Carmen will remain free if she turns Danny over to the FBI. She claims to want to focus all of her energies on developing a relationship with Robbie. Carmen admits to being concerned that Michelle will foil her plan again. Blake informs Holly that she sold the movie rights to her latest book. Holly tells Blake that she is looking forward to a relaxing, quiet evening with Buzz. Meanwhile, Buzz tells Sam about his big plans to take Holly to a nice dinner at Towers. When they meet for their date, Holly is surprised to find Buzz wearing a suit and tie. Ross, coming off a conversation with Tory, shows Blake his new purchase: a brand new Porsche. Despite Edmund’s fears that someone will see Lorelei before her transformation into Beth is complete, Lorelei insists on eating at Company. After, they go to their room at the Springfield Inn, where Edmund begins Lorelei’s “Beth Lessons.” Edmund quizzes Lorelei on all the people in Beth’s life, but she is unable to keep everyone’s name straight. Once she dyes her hair though, Lorelei looks identical to Beth. In San Cristobel, Cassie is despondent over her inability to have another child. Mrs. Mayhew tries to convince Richard that he should push Cassie into adoption. Richard tells Cassie that he has arranged for Camille and her baby to return to Camille’s hometown, unless Cassie has a better idea.