Season 5: Episode 12 - Girls Vs. Suits

Girls Vs. Suits: A hot new bartender at the bar won’t date guys in suits due to past experiences with men of that ilk, thus Barney can’t score with her. He’s never been with a bartender and he feels he must do whatever it takes to land her. Barney decides he will stop wearing suits. Marshall doesn’t find the bartender hotter than Lily. Ironically, Lily finds her hotter than him. Ted goes on a date with Cindy, the roommate of the “mother” (whom we do not see). The roommate sounds amazing based on the stories Cindy tells about her during date. Ted and Cindy like each other but students and professors can’t date. Ted won’t give up, regardless of the risks. She could be the one. Turns out everything he responds to in Cindy’s apartment is her roommate's in someway. It is clear he is interested in the roommate and hasn’t even met her yet. Ted leaves a yellow umbrella behind in their apartment which will have significance to his relationship with the “mother” in the future. Barney mourns a suit he ripped beyond repair in the bathroom of the bar while secretly putting it on, and hot bartender consoles him (not knowing it is the suit he is mourning). Tim Gunn guest stars as himself, and Barney’s tailor. At Barney’s house the bartender discovers his closet of suits. She says he must choose; it is her or the suits. He tells her he chooses her so that she will sleep with him, all the while he knows the next day he will resume wearing suits.