Season 5: Episode 18 - Say Cheese

Say Cheese: It is Lily’s birthday, and she (and Marshall) make a huge deal out of it every year.  She is counting on it just being the 5 of them for their dinner celebration, when once again; Ted turns up with a new girlfriend who “could be the one.”  Through a series of flashbacks inspired by photos we see all the special occasions Ted has “ruined” by bringing a stranger.  However, in the end Lily is much more sympathetic to Ted as we learn he insisted Lily get in Marshall and Ted’s first college roommate photo just a few weeks after they had started dating.  In addition, it seems Barney, throughout the years and currently cannot take a bad picture.  He looks exactly the same and perfect no matter what.  On the other hand, Marshall can not take a good picture, looking awkward in every photo.