Season 7: Episode 11 - The Rebound Girl

The Rebound Girl: ­It is Thanksgiving and Ted and Barney swear that they’re done with girls because of Ted’s string of failed relationships and Barney’s messy break-up with Nora. In this unstable state, they devise a brilliant plan: they should adopt a child together and it’ll be drama-free because they’re bros. However, Ted and Barney slowly spiral into couple-like behavior and have a huge argument with Ted telling Barney that he’s unfit to be a father. When Barney shows up at the house with an actual baby, the gang is very alarmed. They discover the baby belongs to a friend of James’s (Barney’s brother). Ted and Barney are pulled back into reality when James tells them to be patient because they will soon meet the right person. In a surprising twist, Robin tells Barney that she’s pregnant. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily officially decide to move to the suburbs when they see how nice and spacious the house is compared to their cramped apartment in the city, despite Robin’s protests to the contrary.