Season 3: Episode 3 - The Third Wheel

The Third Wheel: When Ted gets blown off by Barney and Marshall, he goes down to MacLaren's, where he meets a beautiful young woman who takes a shine to him. As luck would have it, her old college friend shows up unexpectedly and also shows interest in Ted. Unable to figure out who is the most interested, Ted calls Lily to help him figure it out, only to discover that both women are equally attracted to him. To complicate matters even further, both women want to take the party to Ted's place. Overwhelmed, Ted gets Marshall, Lily and Barney, all of whom are trapped in the apartment when Ted unexpectedly returns with his potential conquests, to band together and guide him toward his goal of "riding the tricycle." Meanwhile, Robin's fateful grooming decision to not shave her legs complicates her date with an awesome new guy.