News Season 9 Scoop

Posted on Jul 24, 2013 10:20am

From The men of How I Met Your Mother are here to assuage any concerns you may have about the plan to span a 56-hour wedding weekend across the entirety of the ninth and final season.

Likening the farewell run to "a little suspense movie," series cocreator Craig Thomas says that an abundance of HIMYM-style flashbacks and flash-forwards will regularly offer "an escape hatch" to break away from the present-day narrative.

Besides, as cast member Neil Patrick Harris notes, weddings always "have lots of mini-chapters" to pull story from, be it a wardrobe disaster or the like.

Let's just hope that as Josh Radnor suggests, eight episodes aren't spent covering the gang's pre-wedding sleeping hours via dream sequences!

Also during this visit with Michael Ausiello at TVLine's Comic-Con suite, Jason Segel weighs in on the outfit he'll be wearing for much of Season 9 (and reflects on Freaks and Geeks‘ not-as-sprawling series finale), the guys suggests encores for the final season (who dares to utter "Brit-bit"?!), and cocreator Carter Bays teases how Episode 200 will serve up "very exciting information" about the titular meet-up.

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