News Get To Know Cristin Milioti

Posted on Sep 20, 2013 09:45am

Cristin Milioti: The Mother of All Cat Video Lovers

This Monday, How I Met Your Mother's most anticipated addition will get a chance to make her mark on anxiously awaiting viewers everywhere!  How is her portrayer, Cristin Milioti, feeling about living up to role that is The Mother (a character's name not even she is privy to)?  The South Jersey native explains that "It's not something I can have control over, and I do my best. Craig and Carter will not let anyone down. They will not let me let anyone down."

Not only is Milioti remaining level-headed about dealing with the pressure, she's also got a sense of humor about it (is she Ted's dream girl or what?) She says from the moment her plane landed in L.A., she felt "out of body" and in a "white hot panic" but riding a golf cart around the studio lot in a dark coat in the cover of night, made her feel "like I was some sort of secret assassin." (That statement makes us willing to bet she could hold her own on one of Ted & Barney's "legendary" adventures!)

But while the former Broadway star may have some legendary ukulele skills, can she rock the bass like the future Mrs. Mosby?  The answer is…not quite yet.  Milioti is learning the bass with a little help from her "Once" costar. "I'm going to try my darndest to play the bass, but yes, I may be doing a bit of miming," Milioti says.

It turns out bass practice may have taken a back seat to her other prep work for the part, including playing catch up on all eight seasons of the show.  Claiming it hard to choose just one favorite moment or one episode, she says she was continually taken aback by how emotional she would get watching the show, evening admitting to tears during the scene when Lily tells Marshall his dad died.

Luckily, tears of sadness weren't the only kind.  She shares the scene that had her laughing so hard she had to pause it because she was crying. "Marshall figures out how to do a slideshow on the computer, and ends up making the Cat Funeral video," she recalls. "Cat videos are the reason to use the internet."

So will HIMYM fans love Cristin Milioti as The Mother as much as she loves a good cat video?  Tune into the final season premiere on Monday at 8/7c to make your own call!