How I Met Your Mother Series Ending Cast & Crew Will Miss Each Other Most

Posted on Jan 16, 2014 01:55pm

After nine years of press tours, the How I Met Your Mother cast and creators participated in their final TCA TV Press Tour on Wednesday night. Sitting on the set where more than 200 episodes were filmed, they answered questions about storyline arcs, reminisced about their favorite memories and shared early anecdotes about auditioning for the pilot. While each individual had a different tale to tell about their experience working on the show, one sentiment was universal. When the show wraps production next month, what everyone will miss the most will be each other.

Jason Segel was particularly outspoken about the bonds created on Stage 22 of the Fox Studio Lot. "We watched each other go through serious life stuff. That's a really special thing," he said. "As the characters' lives changed, our lives did as well. This is the longest I've known any group of people aside from my family. And it's really remarkable because you become like family."

Over the course of nearly a decade, that core family has grown considerably. Alyson Hannigan recalled an early memory from Season 1 of the cast members making guesses on who would get married first. Inevitably, those life milestones began happening and when they did, each new addition became an adopted member of the How I Met Your Mother family.

The creators of this family, Executive Producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, made an impression on Cobie Smulders from day one. "I remember meeting Craig and Carter and they were the nicest men and they were going to be my bosses and I was just excited about that," Smulders recalled.

And eight years later, the newest cast member, Cristin Milioti, echoed a similar feeling. "It was scary in beginning, before I started. But I couldn't have been more warmly welcomed. And that made this a dream come true for me," Milioti said.

According to Josh Radnor, one thing that helped the cast bond early on was having breakfast together at a place around the corner before every table read for the first two seasons. Before the first table read of season nine, he sent out an email suggesting they resurrect the tradition.  "Everyone responded they were ‘in' within 20 minutes," Radnor said.

Neil Patrick Harris admitted that he would feel the void when they don't return from hiatus, saying that while they knew it would come to end, they never really talked about it.Pamela Fryman, the show's resident director who is affectionately known as "The Mother of HIMYM" on set, shared her colleague's sentiments. "Table reads recently, where we are feeling the end, have been hard," Fryman said. "I love these people. This has been the most spectacular experience. It doesn't even do it justice to say how great these people are. This is truly special and doesn't happen all the time. It won't be impossible until the very end, but then it will be impossible."

"Nothing will replace these people," Bays agreed.

The highly anticipated one-hour series finale will air on Monday, March 31st at 8/7c.