Best of Barney's Blog Top 5 Posts

Posted on Mar 7, 2014 04:55pm

Check out the best of Barney's blog? Challenge Accepted! From the Bro Code to The Playbook, Barney's had some awesome tips on how to lead a legendary life!  Take a look at a compilation of some of his standout entries.

1. The Awesomest Things
What does Barney consider the awesomest things?  We have a feeling you know.  But refresh your memory with his blog entry detailing song form!

2. Duck You, Marshall Eriksen
After wearing a ducky tie for the better part of a year, how does Barney feel about ducks?  HINT: Strongly.  Read his ducky dedicated post here.

Is it ridonkulous to still use the word amazeballs? Read Barney's blog on that very subject for his opinion!

4. High-Five Realty
Barney might not be on the market anymore, but his apartment is!  Get all the details of the 2BR/2BA Upper East Side Bang Pad here!

5. Public Service Bronouncement

According to Barney, the main purpose of his blog is to educate.  Read this entry for a lesson he finds very important.

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