10 Big Moments from the HIMYM Finale The Unexpected Surprises

Posted on Mar 31, 2014 09:05pm

The highly anticipated How I Met Your Mother series finale was an emotional rollercoaster full of "big moments" packed into the one-hour ending.  So, as you dry your tears, gather your thoughts and try to make sense of what Mondays will be like without How I Met Your Mother, check out a recap of the moments from the finale that won't soon be forgotten!

1. Ted didn't move to Chicago

2. Barney made a business out of his blog

3. Ted and The Mother were engaged for 5 years before getting married

4. The cockamouse made a return

5. Barney and Robin got divorced

6. The Mother's name is...Tracy McConnell

7. A Playbook II exists

8. The Mother lost her battle with an illness

9. Barney met the love of his life...his daughter, Ellie

10. Ted and Robin (and the blue french horn) ended up together