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Posted on Jan 23, 2017 12:15pm
Hunted Fugitives: Meet Lee & Hilmar
This designer of escape rooms and his trusty cohort plan to give the Hunters a good chase.

Few civilians are better equipped to take on the challenges of Hunted than Lee Wilson, because his entire job is to design and create escape rooms.

"Every day, all day, I have to be five steps ahead of everybody that plays my rooms," Wilson said. "I think that sets me up well to be five steps ahead of the Hunters."

Lee's partner in crime?

His best friend, Hilmar Skagfield, who moved in with Lee and his family when his own house was taken out by a tornado. Together, they have a really strong community in the southeast and plan to use technology against the Hunters.

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Hunted Commander Robert W. Clark likes the boys' odds, too. Between their strong bond and numerous resources, he puts their Fugitive rating at an 8/10, with an impressive estimate of 22-23 days on the run.

Will Lee's escape room knowhow set him and Hilmar ahead of the curve? Or are they overestimating their chances?

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