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Posted on Jan 27, 2017 08:05am
Angela And Michele Reflect On Their Hunted Experience
See what the two moms had to say about getting caught and saying goodbye to $250K.

In Hunted's double-length episode "Snitches Get Stitches," the Command Center investigators and Hunters laid claim to their second pair of Fugitives, Angela and Michele, after intercepting them at a friend's house in Augusta, Georgia—which they had never even been to!

After the episode aired, we caught up with Michele to talk about her time on the run and what she and Angela might have done differently...

Now that you've seen the episodes and have a better sense of what led to your capture, how do you feel about how everything went down?

Michele: It was interesting to see how they caught us, especially since neither one of us had ever been to Augusta.

What was it like getting to see how the Command Center investigators and Hunters operated in order to track you down?

Michele: I didn't realize how many resources they used to gather their information.

How surprised were you by the Hunters and Command Center investigators being able to trace you to Augusta?

Michele: I was very surprised because Angela and I had never gone to Robin's house [in Augusta]!

What would you have done differently?

Michele: I would stay away from close friends and family.

What was going through your head just before you were captured? Did you know that was the end of the line for you?

Michele: The day we were captured, I had a very bad feeling that the Hunters were on to us.

What was that drive back with the Hunters like? Were you allowed to speak with them about how they were able to catch you?

Michele: We didn't have anything to say. I think we were still in shock from being caught.

What would you say was the hardest part of being on the run?

Michele: The hardest thing about being on the run was not being able to talk with our love ones.

What was your biggest takeaway from your experience on the show?

Michele: With the technology the Hunters have, it's very difficult to hide.

Do you have any advice to those thinking about trying to do what you did?

Michele: My advice would be to trust no one!

Finally, would you give Hunted another shot, if given the chance?

Michele: I would love to give the Hunters another run.

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