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Posted on Feb 3, 2017 08:05am
Hunted Fugitives: Meet English & Stephen
Will this couple's meticulous planning save their skins on the run?

For the Hillsborough-based Fugitives English and Stephen King, Hunted will offer a chance to test their mettle. As a married couple and parents of three children, they set out with something to prove.

As the family homemaker, Stephen in particular hopes to prove that he's more than just a stay-at-home dad and help get rid of the stigma that goes along with that.

English, meanwhile, is all about planning ahead—to include a handy dandy binder full of strategies. "Being on the run and disappearing requires planning," she explains, "and that's why this girl is an important piece of the team."

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Hunted's Head of Operations Lenny DePaul, on the other hand, thinks English and Stephen's chances of success are slim to none—"and slim's out to lunch," he adds.

Lenny gives the couple a 5/10 Fugitive rating, with an estimated two weeks on the run.

Will English and Stephen go the distance? Or will their own strict rulebook get the better of them?

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