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Posted on Feb 24, 2017 11:30am
David And Emiley Reflect On Their Hunted Experience
Plus, Emiley offers more insight into her Fugitive team's many diversions.

Over the course of Hunted, David and Emiley definitely gave the Command Center investigators and Hunters a run for their money. Between their clever ruses and creative escape tactics, the two Fugitives seemed to stand a good chance of lasting the full 28 days on the run.

Unfortunately, the pair's plans were foiled on the latest episode entitled "Poking The Bear," when David and Emiley found themselves in a car chase with the Hunters. The team tried to flee on-foot, but they were both eventually captured.

Since then, we caught up with Emiley to talk about her time on the run with David, whether that calendar of plans was a ruse or not, and the potential of splitting up Fugitive teams.

Now that you've seen the episodes and have a better sense of what led to your capture, how do you feel about how everything went down?

Emiley: In retrospect, there will always be things we look at and say, "We should have done this differently." But, at the end of the day, I'm proud of our run and sticking true to the reason why we decided to do this in the first place: to have an amazing time and be fearless!

What was it like getting to see how the Command Center investigators and Hunters operated in order to track you down?

Emiley: To see how the Command Center was operating and how deeply they were into our lives was slightly shocking! On our end, you become slightly oblivious to what is going on on their end, simply because there isn't time to worry about what tactics they are using.

You have to focus on staying ahead of them and the game.

Early on, the Command Center investigators found a calendar page with a relief of your plans on it, but was that intentional on your part—a ruse to throw them off—or just an honest mistake?

Emiley: Oh, the calendar. The calendar was 100-percent a ruse. We actually have a picture a friend took of us filling it out with fake addresses. So, I'll just say that.

One of your most brilliant moves was getting your friend to take another vehicle to lead the Hunters astray. How did you come up with that idea, and was it always part of the plan?

Emiley: It was definitely a part of the plan the entire time, along with a number of other ruses. We tried to think of every tactic possible to lead them in the opposite direction of where we were going. In that case, it worked brilliantly.

What do you think your ultimate downfall was in this game?

Emiley: I think our ultimate downfall in the game was not trusting our first instinct. It becomes hard to listen to those gut feelings when paranoia sets in because you're always thinking, "Is this my gut telling me to pack up and leave or am I just paranoid?"

Towards the end, when you first identified the two SUVs tailing you, did you know that was the end for you?

Emiley: Once we knew they were behind us, we knew we were most likely [getting] caught, but we weren't going to go down without a fight.

Supposing your idea to split up had worked and only one—or none—of you was captured on-foot, do you think either of you would have been able to go on by yourself, or reunite down the line?

Emiley: Looking back on it, we wish we would have separated for a few reasons. One, I have no doubt at least one of us would have gotten away. We also think it would have made the game even more intense and exhilarating, and that's exactly what we wanted to do!

You already touched on this earlier, but is there anything you would have done differently?

Emiley: It's hard to say, because there are many things that helped us a long the way and some that hurt us, but almost everything was crucial to us surviving as long as we did.

I think we would both say that, as much as burner phones helped us, they can also burn you really fast.

What would you say was the hardest part of being on the run?

Emiley: Food. I don't think I ever want to look at a Pop-Tart again.

What was your biggest takeaway from your experience on the show?

Emiley: Grasping how wonderful people really are! We made connections to total strangers who are now great friends due to this experience.

Taking time out of [our] life to have a conversation without being interrupted by looking at your phone was refreshing.

Do you have any advice to those thinking about trying to do what you did?

Emiley: Ah, the advice is endless. Trust your gut, and when your gut says to run... run!

Finally, would you give Hunted another shot, if given the chance?

Emiley: In a heartbeat! Red [David] and I have actually spoken about this numerous times! Knowing more about the show now and how it works has us itching to go on the run again.

But, as I mentioned previously, we would probably split up during it. A little friendly competition between the two of us.

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