Season 1: Episode 3 - Mei Chen Returns

Mei Chen Returns: In the aftermath of Amelia’s death, Gabriel takes time off from Cyber Com, but he still finds himself going over the cyber-render of his last moments with Amelia. He also has an odd feeling that someone or something is in his cyber renders, but he doesn’t quite know what it is. The CIA asks for Cyber Com’s help when they discover that an analyst has gone rogue and stolen top secret sensitive files embedded on a unique hard drive. Riley brings Gabriel back in for the mission, but he shares his concerns about his cyber rendering. Despite Cassidy’s objections about protecting Gabriel, Lillian orders Gabriel to track down the rogue CIA analyst, but in a surprising twist, they discover that Mei Chen, the Chinese operative with the more powerful chip, is also after the hard drive. More importantly, she is able to access and control Gabriel’s chip and mind – she is the one who has been watching and stalking him. Confronted with this new threat and danger, Gabriel devises a plan to lure and trap Mei Chen to not only retrieve the hard drive, but to stop Mei Chen herself.