Episode 399 - Friday, 13th July 2007

Friday, 13th July 2007: Natalia is relieved to hear Rafe can go home, and rushes into Gus’ arms. When Alan gives Rafe an over-the-top gift, Natalia tells Rafe he can’t keep it. Gus wants Alan to stay out of Rafe’s life. When he’s gone, Alan warns Natalia that it’s Harley she needs to look out for. Terri demands $100,000 from Cyrus by the end of the day or she’ll deport him. Jealous Marina decides to flirt with Remy, and Cyrus calls Marina out on it. He pulls her in for a kiss when he realizes he needs to leave to get the money. Marina tries to make sense of it all. Meanwhile, Cyrus successfully gets his hands on Alex’s pearls, she walks in. Even though Dylan wants Daisy to stay with him, he agrees to let Harley take her back home. Harley tells Gus that Daisy is moving back home, and he accuses her of choosing her kid over his. Rafe tells Daisy that maybe they should “mellow out,” and a heartbroken Daisy storms off as Rafe aches over what he’s just done. Gus says he’ll bring Rafe back to his house, regardless of what Harley wants â€" Natalia and Rafe are as much a part of his life as Harley is. Alan presents Harley an idea of how to save her marriage: let Rafe move in with him.