Episode 2 - Jesse Stone: Night Passage

Jesse Stone: Night Passage: ­Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Tom Selleck reprises his role as Jesse Stone in the prequel to "Stone Cold." The movies are based on the best-selling books by Robert B. Parker. Stephen Baldwin and Stephanie March also star. JESSE STONE: NIGHT PASSAGE reveals how Stone (Selleck) became Police Chief of Paradise, Massachusetts after being fired from the Los Angeles Police Department. An unlikely candidate, Stone is recruited by Paradise's board of selectmen in the hopes that he won't dig too deeply into the town's dirty secrets. Within moments of being hired and still drunk from the night before, Stone must investigate a domestic violence situation involving Paradise's resident hothead, whose ties to a local bank manager expose a money-laundering scheme.

Polly Shannon reprises her role as City Attorney Abby Taylor and Stephen McHattie reprises his role as Captain Healy. Viola Davis, Vito Rezza and Kohl Sudduth reprise their roles as the staff of inexperienced police officers Stone inherits with his new job. Stephanie March joins the cast as Cissy Hathaway, the attractive wife of the town's most powerful man, who has eyes for Jesse Stone.