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Top Ten Reasons The Trump Plaza Casino Is Closing

Thursday, July 17, 2014

10. Located in undesirable part of Atlantic City, known as 'Atlantic City'

9. Frequent appearances by Donald Trump

8. Ninety-nine cent shrimp cocktail plus New Jersey Governor Chris Christie - you do the math

7. Customers who win money badgered to show their birth certificate

6. Most tables reserved for shuffling

5. Every woman at the bar is actually waiting for her boyfriend

4. Fifty blackjack tables, one deck of cards

3. Slot machine lands on "three cherries", you win three cherries

2. Housekeeping left something on your pillow and it wasn't a mint

1. Jackpot is that thing on Donald Trump's head

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Eric Stonestreet
Summer Toy Demo with Shannon Eis
Brody Dalle