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Monday, January 7, 2013 Dave and Michael Strahan mind the gap.
Show #3784
Michael Strahan, Jessica Chastain, and Conor Maynard.
PLUS: the trillion dollar coin, and what's in store this year on "Downton Abbey."

" . . . . and now, Branson crooner . . . . . . . David Letterman!

ACT 1:

-"Hockey is finally coming back. There was no hockey today, none yesterday, none last week, none last month. It was so bad, Disney on Ice allowed fighting."
-"A team of scientists has created a computer that writes jokes. The computers aren't that funny, but they don't demand Jewish holidays off."
-"A cat was used to smuggle escape tools into a prison. Smart cat. He immediately lawyered up and hired a weasel. . . . . an actual weasel!"

The government may mint a trillion dollar coin to try to ease the country's debt. It's available to the public. We watch.
ANNOUNCE: "The United States economy is in a dire financial situation. President Obama is ordering the minting of a new coin, with a value of one trillion dollars. And, while supplies last, these platinum coins are now available to the public for only $19.99! These aren't replicas! They're actual legal tender! Do your part to help our nation rebuild!"
ANNOUNCE 2: "Buy now and get half off Doggie Stairs, available at Gimbels!"

The third season of "Downton Abbey" premiered last night and it looks like they have some exciting surprises lined up. We take a look at a promo from the PBS. ANNOUNCE: "Coming up on season three of Downton Abbey."
We see some miscellaneous clips from "Downton Abbey." Added are odd nonsensical clips that have nothing to do with "Downton."
ANNOUNCE: "'Downton Abbey' -- Check your local listings."

ACT 2:

He's on the NFL on CBS and he's the new Regis on the "Live! With Kelly Lee and Michael Lee" program. Michael was on the west coast on Sunday and had to rush back to New York for the LIVE! Show this morning. Lots of traveling between the two gigs buy there's only another month of the NFL side to it. Dave has a question about Terry Bradshaw, a fellow yacker on the CBS/NFL show. Bradshaw earned 4 Super Bowl rings with the Pittsburgh Steelers back in the 70s. But . . . . what's his deal? Dave isn't so sure about him. Michael describes him as "fair but slightly cloudy." He's a character and what you see is not an act. The Terry Bradshaw you see is Terry Bradshaw he is. Dave thinks Bradshaw doesn't like him. There was an incident on the show a while ago where Terry slapped Dave.
That was my cue to find the clip of Terry Bradshaw slapping Dave. I found the show date and number, December 28, 1993; Show #81. Also on the show that night were Jason Priestly and Norm MacDonald, and Warning Labels. The show copies are up on the 7th floor and we would have to hurry to get the clip for the Strahan segment. While an intern scurried to get the show tape, I continued my search through our segment reels, which are the clips prepared for the show whether it makes it on the show or not. One Seg Reel is prepared each week. We saved the Bradshaw-slap in 1993 on a Seg Reel for his next appearance. The Seg Reel closet is closer to the tape room and would be quicker to get. I ran for the Seg Reel tape. The intern and I returned to the tape room at the same time. You saw the clip of Bradshaw slapping Dave at the end of the Strahan segment.
I missed most of the Strahan interview. I think he's picking a Green Bay/Denver Super Bowl. And he's co-produced a documentary called "Athletes Die Twice" about players in the NFL who have made or are about to make the transition from player to retired player.
Athletes may die twice, but they live a whole lot of lives.

ACT 3:

She's in the highly anticipated "Zero Dark Thirty" movie about the Seal Team Six getting Osama bin Laden. Dave really enjoyed the film and wishes he could be a Seal Team Sixer.
Jessica's character in the film is 100% based on an actual player in this incredible military drama. During the shooting of the film, she visited the Dead Sea with her mom. We see a photo of mom caked in Dead Sea mud. Why? Jessica explains that the mud offers a healing benefits, which is ironic since it comes from the Dead Sea.
Jessica is also making her Broadway debut in "The Heiress at the Walter Kerr Theatre on 48th Street.
"Zero Dark Thirty" – opens nationwide this Friday.

ACT 5:
ANNOUNCE: "Don't miss tomorrow's Late Show with Dave's guests Brian Williams (photo not available), and Morrissey (photo not available). I think we need to have a staff meeting."

ACT 6:

His CD, "Contrast," made its debut at Number One in his native UK. From "Contrast," Conor Maynard performed "Turn Around."

And that was our show for Monday, January 7, 2013.

If Notre Dame had beaten Alabama Monday night, I would have a lot to say right now. The only thing I came away with from the Bama/Notre Dame game was . . . . how creepy was Brent Musburger regarding the quarterback's girlfriend in the stands? Yeesh! Take a cold shower, Brent!

I watched Dave on the Oprah OWN Sunday night and then the 2nd half of Downton Abbey. As soon as I turned on the Downton I remembered what I liked about it. It's Carson, the head butler. His hand work is phenomenal. I'm no acting expert . . . . no, really, I'm not . . . . but what he does with his hands as he portrays a butler I find extraordinary. I don't know any butlers, nor have I ever met one, but Carson's use of his hands is entrancing. I don‘t know why my eye is drawn to him but the way he holds his hands, his mannerisms, the ever-so-slight movements is absolutely captivating. Yeah, that's what I like most about "Downton Abbey."

Actually, I like Bama, the Crimson Tide. It's just that I like Notre Dame more.
My preferences:
1. Army
2. Notre Dame
3. Ball State
4. The underdog
5. Navy
6. Air Force
7. The MAC conference
8. Alabama

Back in September of year last I was surprised to learn the 1956 Olympic Decathlon champion was from New Jersey. Milt Campbell. I knew of many of the Olympic Decathlon Champs from Jim Thorpe in 1912 and on through Bruce Jenner in 1976. After '76, I was in college where all learning pretty much stops. But somehow I was unfamiliar with the local guy, Milt Campbell. Mr. Campbell died two months later in November, two months after I first learned of him. Small mention was made of him in the newspapers . . . . except for my favorite columnist, the New York Post's Phil Mushnick. He described Campbell as "the finest forgotten athlete in U.S. history." How forgotten is Milt Campbell? Campbell again was mentioned in Monday's Mushnick column in the New York Post. Writes Mushnick: "A section within Dec. 31's Sports Illustrated noted the 2012 deaths of 50 sports notables, including poker-playing Amarillo Slim. Milt Campbell's name did not appear."

I'm so old, I remember when Sports Illustrated was the "go to" sports magazine. I stopped being a fan of the mag when their "Sportsman of the Year" started to have nothing to do with being a "sportsman." In 1998, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were named co-Sportsman of the Year. I had a problem with that. My choice would have been Tim Forneris.
22-year-old Tim Forneris was the guy who ended up with Mark McGwire's 62nd home run ball. He handed the ball over to Mark, no charge. He could have made a whopping sum on ebay. Instead he gave it to Mark McGwire for free because he thought it was the right thing to do. Sports Illustrated should have done the right thing, too.

Mushnick writes about what is so wrong with how sports is covered by the media. I love it. You can always find me yelling at the TV during a game. Not because of a dropped pass or an error or a missed foul shot but by what the camera is showing us. It usually has nothing to do with the game.
I would love to sit and watch a football game with the curmudgeon Phil Mushnick. We would make each other so miserable it would be fantastic.

The definition of a curmudgeon: They're only happy when they're not.

It was her birthday on Sunday and missing her Giants football, from Irvine, California, it's Ann Marie Cullen Gregor.
This concludes another installment of CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER

Michael Z. McIntee
Twitter: @WahooMike

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