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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 Dave breaks some bad news to Anton Fig and his beautiful family.
Show #3834
Harrison Ford, Rita Wilson, and Jake Bugg.
PLUS: no more Sears photos; a disappointed Anton; Dave and the Jumble; Kim Jong Un; and a Top Ten list.

" . . . and now, popular museum piece . . . . . . . . . David Letterman!"

ACT 1:

-"'42' opens this Friday, the story of Jackie Robinson. Many of the color barriers from that time have are now gone. We have Obama in the White House. A Latina in the Supreme Court. And our Speaker of the House is orange."

Sears has shut down its portrait studio after the photography company that has been snapping family portraits for the chain since 1959 abruptly closed up shop. Sears has now released this message to concerned customers.
ANNOUNCE: "The Sears Corporation is sad to announce that after 64 years of business, our portrait studio has closed. But don't worry; you can still purchase surveillance images from our dressing rooms."
We see security footage of a guy trying on pants in a Sears dressing room.
ANNOUNCE: "Sears: When Walmart is too crowded."

Hmmm, I typed the above from what was written in the script. The family portraits at Sears from 1959 . . . . . . . and then in the clip it was stated "after 64 years of business." No, that would be 54 years, not 64. Did Dave say 1959? Did the clip say "64 years"? Does this mean I have to re-watch the show?

Anton interrupts. He gets Dave's attention.
DAVE: "Anton?"
ANTON: (in an orange turtle neck and black beret) "Did you say the Sear Photo Studios are closed?"
DAVE: "Yes, gone for good, I'm afraid."
ANTON: "Oh, crap." Camera widens to find Anton with his family; wife and two children. They are all in the same orange turtleneck and black beret as Anton.
ANTON: "Sorry, kids. No photo today."
They eventually exit.
Dave offers his condolences while adding a cheery, "Great looking family, though."

North Korea released video of Kim Jong Un reviewing the troops and he looks like quite a skilled warrior. We watch.
We see Kim Jong Un reviewing the troops. We see a foot-soldier shooting a pistol. We see KJU tap him on the shoulder to try his own piece of shooting. We see Kim Jong Un shooting out a balloon from the mouth of another North Korean soldier. Wow! What a shot!

ACT 2:
– A couple from Iowa became the first to be married at the new wedding chapel in a Las Vegas Denny's. The basic wedding package at Denny's goes for $95.
7. "You many now exchange onion rings."
6. "By the power invested in my, the assistant manager Keith . . . "
5. "I'd like to read a passage from appetizers."
2. "The waiter's in the kitchen giving the Maid of Honor a sausage slam."

I had a Top Ten joke ready if needed. I didn't hand it in but it could be used for future "Things Overheard" Top Ten's, with a slight adjustment.
-"Harrison Ford is on Letterman Wednesday night after the Top Ten."

ACT 3:

His films have earned $7 billion. Whenever Harrison is on the show, he reminds me of Dave's older and more mature brother if Dave had a brother. Someone who is all too familiar with Dave's immature silliness but accepts it because he has to.
Dave gets right to it: "What is your middle name?" Now that's what I call a hard-hitting interview question, like an MSNBC/Obama interview. Harrison says he doesn't have one. Dave offers, "Would you like one?"
Harrison is in the new Jackie Robinson film, "42", about Jackie breaking the color barrier in major league baseball. This took place in 1947, the year Dave was born. Dave finds it hard to believe that he was born when the United States was still like this. Dave asks why what Jackie Robinson did was so important. Harrison says that in 1947, there was no football, no basketball like we have today. It was all baseball, and baseball was America. And Jackie changed baseball forever, and therefore, America. It's well known that Dodger General Manager and President Branch Rickey, portrayed by Harrison in the film, had warned Jackie that he would face incredible temptation to fight back at the vitriol and hatred directed his way, both by the fans and players, but Jackie had to refuse to react in violence.
The story of Jackie Robinson is very familiar to me but not so to many. I am curious to see what this film will show that I don't already know.

Harrison has a joke. Cannibals from different villages cross paths. One cannibal says to the other, "How've you been?"
CANNIBAL 2: "I've had a bit of a stomach ache lately."
CANNIBAL 1: "Probably something you ate. What are you eating?"
CANNIBAL 2: "Missionaries, mostly."
CANNIBAL 1: "Who do you prepare them?"
CANNIBAL 2: "I boil a big pot of water, put in some onions, herbs, bay leaves, and then toss in the missionaries."
CANNIBAL 1: "What do they look like?"
CANNIBAL 2: "Brown robes . . . . sandles . . . . bald . . ."
CANNIBAL 1: "You're cooking them wrong! Those are friars!"

"42" – it opens this Friday, April 12th. I think Jackie's first game was on April 15, 1947 and on that day this year, April 15th, as in recent years past EVERY player in the Majors will wear #42.

ACT 5:
ANNOUNCE: "It's a powerful dose of entertainment tomorrow as Dave welcomes Alec Baldwin, and Emmylou Harris with Rodney Crowell. A special welcome to the new 14th floor throw pillow." (we see a photo of the throw pillow) "Great to have you on the team. Back in two."

ACT 6:

Rita is married to Tom Hanks and Dave is a bit concerned that Tom is mad at him. Tom made his Broadway debut last week in "Lucky Guy" and Dave missed the big premiere. I think Dave may have had a sudden attack of typhus that night.
Dave explains that he doesn't like the opening night maul. Too many people. If the play opened to an empty audience, I think Dave would have been there.

Rita is performing at "54 Below" next week, the 14th through the 20th. She'll be singing songs from her new CD, "AM/FM". You probably know Rita most from her appearance in the film "Creature From The North of Midnight", also known as "The Day It Came To Earth." Scary film. How scary was it? So scary, the leading man was George Gobel.

Rita Wilson at "54 Below" – it's right down the block from The Ed.

ACT 7:

From this debut eponymous CD, Jake Bugg performed "Lightning Bolt." Hey! I liked that! And he's just a kid of 19! I always wonder if a teen would be flattered if this 55er told him or her that he liked the song. I'm not sure if they would think "Great!" or "Uh oh."

And that was our show for Wednesday, April 10, 2013.

Did Dave say "Los Angeles" Dodgers in the monologue when referring to Jackie Robinson? I think he did, though that is not as bad as when Presidential candidate Bob Dole in '96 referred to the present-day "Brooklyn" Dodgers.

Exciting news! The Late Show is now in 3-D, but for the studio audience only.

I found that the cost to convert "Jurassic Park" into 3D ran Universal about $10 million. So why are "Jurassic Park 3D" ticket prices so high? If the tale of why movies cost so much is because they cost so much to make, what is the explanation behind a $16 ticket price to see "Jurassic Park 3D"? It only cost $10 million to make. This film will be all profit right off the bat.
Hmmm, is it more profitable to shoot a blockbuster in regular 2D and then re-release it down the road in 3D?
Well played, Mr. Spielberg.

When Jimmy Kimmel goes to the barber, does he ask for "The Maxwell Smart"?

Maybe we should outlaw nuclear weapons, this way nobody would have them.

15 years ago or so, Major League Baseball retired the number 42 from all teams in honor of the great Jackie Robinson. Those who were playing at the time who were already wearing #42 were grandfathered in and allowed to continue wearing it until they retired. Only one player remains in baseball still wearing #42 . . . . . Yankee great Mariano Rivera. And he will retire after this year. The last Met to wear #42 --- Butch Huskey.

During the interview, Harrison Ford said he remembers going to his first baseball game and seeing the bright green grass of the field. It nearly knocked him over. Ask anyone who grew up watching baseball on a black and white TV and they will say the same. You can't believe how green the field looked to us kids. I wonder if today's kids get the same thrill of seeing a Major League Baseball field for the first time.

I wish I was an extra in the first Star Wars movie so I could be introduced as "His films have earned over $500 million . . . ."

Jackie Robinson Fun Fact: According to a poll conducted in 1947, Jackie Robinson was the second most admired in America, behind only Bing Crosby. Jackie finished ahead of Truman, ahead of Pope Pius.

And speaking of Kimmel, he's starting to look like a mix of Maxwell Smart and Hymie.

FabFaux fans – see Will Lee and the rest:
April 13th - Ann Arbor, Michigan at The Michigan Theater
April 15th – Montclair, New Jersey at The Wellmont Theater
April 27th – Bridgeport, Connecticut at The Klein Auditorium

Masters Highlights the rest of the week and a scheduled week off for Dave.

THURSDAY: April 11 – From 2/25/13; #3814 – Alec Baldwin, and Emmylou Harris with Rodney Crowell.
FRIDAY: April 12 – From 3/27/13; #3827 – Donald Trump, Gary Gulman, and Wavves.

MONDAY: April 15 – From 3/12/13; #3818 – Steve Carell, Emilia Clarke, and Josh Ritter.
TUESDAY: April 16 – From 3/13/13; #3819 – Jim Carrey, and Richard Thompson. Plus: New Books
WEDNESDAY: April 17 – From 3/18/13; #3822 – Selena Gomez, Bob Sarlatte, and Killer Mike
THURSDAY: April 18 – From 2/21/13; #3812 – Stupid Human Tricks, Johnny Depp, and Bill Carter and the Blame.
FRIDAY: April 19 – From 3/25/13; #3825 – James Franco, Andrew Borracchini, and Ed Sheeran.

Check the Wahoo Archives and make your plans accordingly.

It's his birthday on Thursday, April 11th, it's Senior Online Marketing Strategist at Click Rain, Chris Prendergast
This concludes another installment of CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER

Michael Z. McIntee
Twitter: @WahooMike

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