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Wednesday, June 12, 2013 Dave gets a friendly reminder just in time for Father's Day.
Show #3864
Tom Brokaw, and Darlene Love.
PLUS: The American Baking Challenge; the NSA; and Father's Day Cards.

" . . . .and now, for the first time as husband and wife . . . . . . . . .David Letterman!"
ACT 1:

- "Vladimir Putin and his wife are getting a divorce. It was an amicable divorce. She's still alive."

CBS has a new reality show called, "The American Baking Competition," and it's a riveting program. We take a look.
ANNOUNCE: "Coming up next on ‘The American Baking Competition' . . . . . it's 60 pulse-pounding minutes of dough rising,"
We see a splat of dough quietly sitting . . . . and rising.
ANNOUNCE: "Only on CBS."

According to a new report, the NSA has been intercepting our private phone calls for years. Obviously, some of the calls have been useful to combat terrorism. We thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the least useful NSA intercepts. We watch.

We hear a phone ringing.
Guy #1: "Bob?"
Guy #2: "No. Jim."
Guy #1: "Bob there?"
Guy #2: "No."
Guy #1: "All right."
We hear the phone hanging up; dial tone.
Least useful? And if the NSA was trying to track down Bob, they couldn't use this information? Well, they just found out that Bob wasn't with Jim . . . that's USEFUL information! Somebody didn't think this through.

ACT 2:
It's Wednesday, and you know what that means! Time for Father's Day Cards! Growing up, Dave it was always about Mother's Day. There was so much attention on what to get Mom, treating mom extra special, nothing but Mom Mom Mom. Now that he is older he realizes that Mother's Day is just a warm-up for Father's Day.

-"Dad, I'd get you a tie, but you rarely wear a shirt"
Dave takes the Father's Day Card and flings it behind him. The paneled pane glass window is no longer there yet we still hear the glass crash. Dave explains we now have a huge clear picture window there instead.
-"Sorry I Throw Like a Girl, Disappointed Dad" – Dave realizes that girls no longer throw like girls. He thinks that card is a bit sexist. It's probably not a big seller.
-"Dad, Thanks For Teaching Me To Smoke"
-"Ohh, You Really Ripped That Envelope Open, Tough Guy"
-"Dad, You're missing more and more hairs when you shave"
-"Sorry I Hid Your Heart Medication, Dad"
-"Dad, Just Because You Host a Late Night Talk Show Doesn't Mean I Think You're Cool"
-"Dad, one lap-band might not be enough"
-"Dad – Please stop bragging about your affair with Liberace." Dave then begins talking about the new play on Broadway that Dave is starring in. We saw a clip of it last night and we see it again tonight of the grinning Dave in a spangled suit sitting and playing the piano in his Broadway boffo musical, "Letterace."
-"Dad – Mom Says I Should Give This Card To Your Brother"

And that is Father's Day Cards.

ACT 3:

What's Tom been up to that makes Dave's life seem insignificant? Tom says he's been bicycling in South America in Chile and he's been fly fishing in Belize. Dave is familiar with this regular fly fishing trip Tom attends and is a bit sore that he has never been invited, especially since their mutual friend, Michael Keaton, often goes on these trips. Once again, Dave was on the outside looking in. Keaton couldn't make it this year. Who went in his stead? Huey Lewis and The News. Yes and The News! Tom talks of his fly fishing venture and witnessing a fly fishing grand slam which consists of catching three or four difficult-to-catch fish in one day. Tom says the Belize fly fishing is hit or miss. It's very difficult. It almost seems like hunting in that you spot the fish and then you tease it with your fly. Dave does a bit of the fly fishing in Montana and if I remember correctly, I believe Dave and Tom went fly fishing in Central Park years ago on the old show. I've tried fly fishing. I used to see the fly fisherman fishing the Delaware River in Roscoe, New York on my rides home from college. I always wanted to be one of those guys. It looked so peaceful and fun. Well, I bought a rod and did it. I had no idea what I was doing, the fish told me that, but all I cared about was being seen by some college kid from the highway. My brother-in-law is an avid fisherman but has never done the fly-fishing. I think it's because it's hard to fly fish and hold a can of beer at the same time. But he's seen how successful it can be. He tells of the time he had an awful day in the canoe but watching a guy in the distance pulling in fish after fish after fish on his fly. When it's working, it's really working. (Psssst. The secret is you have to "match the hatch.") Oh, yeah, I forgot . . . Tom Brokaw.

The NSA and this Snowden guy . . . what's the deal? Tom points out that the NSA has been gathering information for years. After 9-11 and the Patriot Act, the government was given a "go ahead." It was a way to keep tabs on possible terrorist cells operating here in the U.S. It's been sort of out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Now that Snowden is bringing it out in the open, people are objecting. Me? I don't know much but if it is used to combat terrorism and evil-doers, I'm willing to look the other way. But when humans are involved, we have to expect the human element to reveal itself. Instead of just searching for terrorist, some may start looking for other stuff, you know, like what the IRS is accused of doing. As Elvis says, that's when the heartache begins.

Tom Brokaw – see him on "The Brokaw Files" on the Military Channel, 10:00 PM Thursday nights.

ACT 5:
ANNOUNCE: "Come by again tomorrow as Dave welcomes Harry Connick Jr, comedian Dylan Moran, and a special Top Ten List with soldiers of the United States Army. Anyone going to Costco in the next couple of days? Pick me up a 10,000 pack of cotton swabs. I'll pay you back.

ACT 6:

We know her from December, and it's great to have her here in June. She is featured in the new documentary film, "20 Feet From Stardom" about the life of a backup singer. Darlene started in the business at the age of 16. Working with Phil Spector, she would perform the songs but never get credited. He had promised her she would receive top billing to a song but when it came out, once again it was The Crystals who were featured. It was very frustrating. She's worked with many of the greats, including Sam Cooke and Elvis. In "Change of Habit," Elvis's last film starring alongside Mary Tyler Moore, Darlene would often sing gospel songs during the breaks. Both had gospel backgrounds and they would sing together whenever they could. Stories of Elvis and his female movie co-stars are well known. Anything . . . .? She says that one day she was walking by trailer when he called her in. After some simple talk, he said to her, "You know, I never thought of having a black lady . . . ." Darlene finishes the story, "and he didn't have me." Wow. I'm not sure what makes a more interesting story, doing it with Elvis or turning Elvis down.
"20 Feet From Stardom" – opens this Friday in New York and Los Angeles, with the soundtrack in stores on June 18th. And a great summer read is her just released autobiography, "My Name Is Love." I imagine the story of a backup singer to be about someone on the ‘inside on the outside looking in.'

Darlene then belted out her version of "Lean On Me."

The always great, Darlene Love.

And that was our show for Wednesday, June 12, 2012.

During rehearsal, I brought up the glass behind Dave that is no longer there. What happens when Dave throws a blue card behind him? Will we hear a glass crash? The big money were amused by my query and said "Yes," there would still be a glass crash. They then explained on the spot that it's now one large window, not a bunch of small windows. I ask these types of questions just so if Dave asks later, we will have an answer ready.
I really don't care about the answer, just so we have an answer.
What I would consider changing is the kind of glass crash. The glass crash we use sounds like the crashing of a small pane of glass. Now with a large picture window, would we want a deeper, larger sound? Again, I'm not too concerned about the answer; just that we have an answer ready and show that the question was already considered. The question is debatable but I think it's nice that we keep the same sound effect we've used forever.

During Father's Day Cards, we did a joke about Liberace. This got Dave to talking about his new Broadway show, "Letterace," that we saw a clip of the night before. Dave starts explaining the clip to Paul, who was well aware of what Dave was talking about. What Dave was doing was allowing the Control Room the time needed to find and cue up the clip. I am able to listen in on some of what is going on in the Control Room and as soon as Dave began to reference the "Letterace" clip, the Control Room was abuzz with activity. It was found and cued up in less than 10 seconds. After Dave sensed he gave enough time, he called for the clip.

During the Tom Brokaw intro, Dave mentions Tom's new series, "The Brokaw Files" on the Military Channel. Dave rips off his glasses when he says "The Brokaw Files" and again when he says "The Military Channel." Not sure if it qualifies, but I'm going to add this to my "Odd Dave" file. My "Odd Dave" file consists of shots of Dave doing odd things on camera, such as barking like a dog, going into a trance, or making strange facial expressions. I mention it in the Wahoo and label it "Odd Dave" because I don't actually put it into my "Odd Dave" file until weeks and months later. When I am ready, I'll do a search for "Odd Dave" in the Wahoo and then put that info in the file. When a writer is looking for a shot of Dave doing something weird, I'll print out the file and let him or her have her pick.

Fascinating stuff from Wahoo reader Joe Augitto regarding the missing window behind Dave.
Want to impress your friends? If a discussion about the missing windows ensues here's a couple of terms that will make you appear either very intelligent or arrogant.
-The whole window sets in a frame.
-The wood directly around the glass is a sash or if they are supposed to be glass doors the wood part is the stile.
-The small dividers that separate the glass into small sections are muntin bars.

I'm afraid Joe's yawning talk about windows is like my talking about baseball . . . but it's my house so I'll keep doing it.

It's her birthday on the 13th, from Pelham Manor, New York, it's Aari Lidvigsen
This concludes another installment of CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER

Michael Z. McIntee
Twitter: @WahooMike

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