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Wednesday, June 26, 2013 Edward Snowden comes out of hiding to enjoy the Late Show.
Show #3872
Jamie Foxx, Patrick Kane, and Wale.
PLUS: Paula Deen on "Today," Snowden in our audience; the creator of Snowden also in our audience; the Hose Cam, and a special Top Ten List with the Backstreet Boys!

" . . . . and now, America's Sweetheart . . . . . David Letterman!"
ACT 1:

-"The Yankees are upset with Alex Rodriguez over a tweet. The General Manager told him to ‘shut the ‘givl' up.' The odds off Alex shutting up are the same as his driving in a runner in October."
I liked this simply because Dave verbalized the expletive. I wondered going into the joke whether he would or not.

Paula Deen was on the "Today" show to apologize for some ugly remarks she made. Dave isn't sure if she really made things better, though. We watch her appearance from earlier today.
Pretty Boy, MATT LAUER: "Given the fallout that you received over the last week, do you ever wish you'd fudged the truth?"
PAULA DEEN: "No, because there's a couple kinds of people that I don't like, that I'm prejudiced against, Matt . . . and that's thieves and . . . people of color."
MATT LAUER: "Paula Deen. Thanks for being here this morning."

Anthony Weiner is doing very well in his run for Mayor of New York City. (Let that be a lesson whenever you begin to think that New Yorkers are sophisticated.) Asks Dave, "How many of you have seen the Weiner Poll?" One good thing about Anthony Weiner running for mayor is the watching the fun the New York Post is having creating headlines. There's a headline like the above almost every day.

Really? Here? This is amazing! Sitting in our audience tonight is NSA leaker Edward Snowden.
We take a look in the balcony to see Edward Snowden enjoying the show. (It's actually just Snowden's head put on a body-double)
Dave receives more information. Also sitting in our audience is the video editor, Mark Spada, who worked on that visual effect of Snowden's head on that guy's body.
We cut to the balcony. We see Mark Spada wave an appreciative wave. Wow! What a night!

Hey, let's take another look at Paula Deen from this morning's "Today" show. Pretty Boy, MATT LAUER: "Given the fallout that you received over the last week, do you ever wish you'd fudged the truth?"
PAULA DEEN: "No, because there's a couple kinds of people that I don't like, that I'm prejudiced against, Matt . . . and that's thieves and . . . people of color."
MATT LAUER: "Paula Deen. Thanks for being here this morning."

ACT 2:
It's summer in the city, so that means it's time to bring out our Late Show Hose Cam. We get a view from the hose cam above the N/W corner of 53rd and Broadway, looking north. He sprays the hose, and then asks a passerby to stand in the wet spot. Dave then sprays him.
I prepared a "Weather Blue Card" for Dave in case he asked for it. The card includes the current temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind direction, and visibility. I didn't offer it up because the temperature was only 85 degrees. That's not much when Vegas is hovering in the 115 neighborhood.

TOP TEN: BACKSTREET BOYS LYRICS – The Backstreet Boys have sold over 130 million albums and their latest effort, "In A World Like This," is in stores July 30th, kicking off their international tour.
And with tonight's Top Ten list, the Backstreet Boys.
Out walk AJ, Nick, Howie, Brian, and Kevin.

It wouldn't do it justice to simply print out the lyrics here. Check out the Late Show website and watch their presentation. We hear new lyrics to songs such as "Tell Me Why," and . . . well, that's the only song that I could come up with a title. Oh, and "Everybody." The others sounded familiar but I couldn't come up with a title.

ACT 3:

Before Dave gets started, he has a favor to ask of Jamie. Dave has heard that Jamie does a killer Harrison Ford as President in the film here Harrison Ford played the President. Jamie takes a moment and performs his Harrison Ford: "Get off my plane." Very nice.
Jamie does other Presidents:
Bill Clinton: so-so.
Ronald Reagan: very good
Barack Hussein: good.
In his new film, "White House Down," does Jamie play "Obama" in his role as President? Jamie says he doesn't, but does do some Obama-isms. Jamie's President has a smoking problem and is often seen chomping on the Nicorette gum. The big New York City premiere of "White House Down" took place last night. What does one do at a premiere? Jamie says "you gotta sell that thing." A lot of money went into making the film, now's the time to start making it back.

During the commercial break between Jamie's segments, Jamie sang to the audience a song they seemed familiar with. Jamie sang a line, and the audience was right there to echo.

Jamie is in the new "Amazing Spider-Man 2" where he plays the villain, Electro. We see his pre-Electro character, Max Dillon, a nerdish, uncomfortable, socially awkward, fellow. And then he gets zapped by electricity, transforms into something blue, and takes out his aggressions on anything that gets in his way. Jamie says his son is a big fan of Spider-Man and would come to the set to gladly watch daddy get his butt kicked by Spidey.

"White House Down" – a summer blockbuster opening this Friday. It's fiction. The good guys are the ones from DC.

ACT 5:
ANNOUNCE: "Be on the winning team and join us tomorrow as Dave welcomes Johnny Depp, Marc Maron, and Dawes. When we come back, our team of financial experts will offer investment advice for the left-handed."

ACT 6:

The Most Valuable Player during the Chicago Blackhawks playoff run to the Stanley Cup Championship. It was an exciting year for the Blackhawks and the NHL following the lockout, shortened season, the winning streak to open the season, right on through the playoffs to the Cup. Patrick was there in 2010 when the B'Hawks won the Stanley Cup. He was only 21 at the time. Now he's a grizzled veteran of 24. Two Cups by the age of 24. Not bad.
Dave is becoming quite the hockey fan and really noticed the pickup in intensity from the regular season into the playoffs. Everything is faster; everything is more violent. Says Dave, and what will be repeated in many hockey promos: "The NHL playoffs makes NFL football look like a grade school field hockey game." Dave presents the Conn Smythe Trophy, Patrick's award for being named the playoffs Most Valuable Player. Dave then brings out the Stanley Cup, the greatest, most beloved trophy in sports. The Stanley Cup is treated with great loving and affectionate abuse by the players. Players on the winning team get to keep the trophy for a couple days and they are free to take it where they wish. Last time, Patrick took it to a Jimmy Buffet concert. He may do it again this year. There are other stories about where the Trophy has been but Patrick decides those stories are better left untold.
Congratulations to Patrick Kane and the entire Chicago Blackhawks team. It was great to see two Original Six teams in the finals.
To end, Patrick takes the Stanley Cup out for a walk. He takes it out to 53rd Street and up to Broadway. He finds the wet spot and Dave turns on the Hose Cam. Not quite a champagne shower, but a celebratory show nonetheless.

ACT 7:

From his new CD, "The Gifted," Wale, with vocalist Sam Dew, performed "Love Hate Thing."

And that was our show for Wednesday, June 26th.

It is being reported that George Zimmerman's weight gain may have an adverse effect on the jury. Who's on the jury? Abercrombie and Fitch?

And now, my Stanley Cup story. The Stanley Cup Finals were in the New York for 6 straight years, with the Rangers in 1979 and the Islanders the following 5 years. My friend's father was the head of NHL security at the time. Where does the head of security keep the Stanley Cup between games? In his basement, of course. Well, one night we all got the phone call: "My parents are going out!" We took that as a cue to get some beer and hurry over to his house. Yes, we then played with the Stanley Cup for hours. Photos taken, holding the Cup aloft, planting a kiss upon it, drinking beer from it. Lots of fun; lots of memories; lots of lost photos none of us seem to be able to find.

Really, if George Zimmerman's weight gain could affect the outcome of the trial, maybe we should take another look at our justice system. All this should prove is that he has been overeating, nothing else.

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks. When I think of the Blackhawks, I think of Bobby Hull, and Dennis Hull, and Stan Mikita, and Keith Magnuson, and Tony Esposito. Yeah, that's the late 60s, early 70s era, when hockey seemed to be at its peak. I did once see the Golden Jet, Bobby Hull, play in person. He was playing for the Winnipeg Jets in the early 70s in the World Hockey Association against the New York Raiders at Madison Square Garden. The Raiders were new and desperate for fans. Our school ran a trip to the Garden to take in a game. The Garden was big enough for 17,000 and this game had an audience of a 2,000 if lucky. My friends and I sat high upstairs and were desperate to get down closer to the ice. As we suspiciously tip-toed down to the box seats, we were stopped by an old and worn usher. He barked to put some scare in us. He eyed us and said he knew what we were up to. He then offered us a deal. For a few dollars apiece, he would hook us up for some prime seats. We quickly forked over the money. He then pointed to the other side of the rink behind the net and said for us to go there. Before sending us on our way, he offered this bit of advice if we were stopped by anyone demanding to see our ticket. The grizzled vet said in a whisper, "Just tell them Charlie sent you." We shook our head with wide eyes and we off we went.
Thankfully, nobody stopped us. We plunked ourselves down a few rows behind the net to watch the WHA Jet/Raider game. Looking it up in the Google, I suspect the game was March 10, 1973 with the Raiders winning in overtime. Bobby Hull had a goal and an assist.

I was watching the Yankee game Wednesday night and relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain came in and ruined the Yankees chance of continuing their comeback. He got hit hard and frequently. The fans are getting tired of his act and booed his effort. I wonder if he "shhhh'd" them.

My newest Wahoo reader, born June 25th, 2013, it's Michael Aidan Cullen
This concludes another installment of CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER

Michael Z. McIntee
Twitter: @WahooMike

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