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Thursday, June 27, 2013 Johnny Depp and Dave do the fist bump.
Show #3873
Johnny Depp, Marc Maron, and Dawes.
PLUS: Shows That Would Be Better with a Dome; Another Snowden Leak; and Memorable Presidential Speeches On The Environment.

" . . . . and now, the missing sock from the wash . . . . . . . David Letterman!"

ACT 1:
- "New York City has put up street maps so pedestrians can find whatever they want whenever they want. I walked up to one map and saw a big star on it with the message: 'You Are Here.' How did it know?"

Something during the pre-show Q&A had Dave repeating about coming "all the way from San Diego."
He repeats a few times during the show.

CBS has a new series called, "Under The Dome," about a town that's trapped under a mysterious dome. It got us to thinking about other shows that might be better with a dome. We take a look at an example.
We see a clip from the fourth hour of the "Today" show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. As they cackle to each other, a dome lowers upon them. We soon cannot hear a word they are saying.

A new leak from National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden claims that delegates were spied upon during the 2009 G20 Summit. And there's even more information Snowden wants to divulge. We take a look.
ANNOUNCE: "Human Resources Assistant Marjorie Lewis: Takes reams of 8 \0xBD x 11 copy paper from the NSA supply closet room to use on her home computer." (You can't do that?)
We see black and white surveillance photos of Ms. Lewis sneaking paper into her purse.
ANNOUNCE: "This has been 'Shocking New Edward Snowden Leaks."

We cut to the couple in the audience from San Diego. They are whispering back and forth about something. They were giggling, so it probably wasn't something about the show.

President Obama gave a major speech on Tuesday on climate change, which inspired us to put together a piece called, "MEMORABLE PRESIDENTIAL SPEECHES ON THE ENVIRONMENT." We take a look.
ANNOUNCE: "February 8, 1972" - we see Nixon speeching about clean air and water, wildlife and natural beauty, and parks for us all to enjoy as being a part of the birthright of every American.
ANNOUNCE: "January 25, 1997" - we see Clinton speeching: "If you pollute our environment, you should pay to clean it up."
ANNOUNCE: "February 15, 2006" - we see GWBush speeching: "This is the first time that we're back in Texas since our trip to Africa, and you may recall we went to a park in Botswana."

You got to love how the President put the emphasis on "Botswana." Not sure why he did that. Almost sounded like he was setting up a joke.

ACT 2:
Mr. Depp plays Tonto in the new "Lone Ranger" film. Dave calls it 'non-robot, non-zombie fun!"
Johnny turned 50 earlier this month. He looks great, still looks cool. Johnny says you gain some freedom when you turn 50. People are more apt to forgive you for your irresponsibility. They can blame it on your advanced age. For instance, if Johnny wanted to he could now wear his pants up to his chest if he so desired, like so many others past the half-century mark.
Johnny is the dad of two, ages 14 and 11. Dave recalls Johnny once describing having to watch over a 3-year-old like taking care of a drunk. Danger is always right around the corner and you are always trying to keep the child from harming himself. His son, 11, is a low-key, solid kid, of one-word texts. His daughter, 14, is . . . . . . a 14-year-old girl. Johnny says boys are simpletons. Girls are much more complex. Plus, girls know how to "work" dad. They know how to get what they want out of dad. And most dads are only too happy to get "worked."

Johnny took great pride in playing Tonto in the film. Johnny always felt there was something not quite right with how Tonto was portrayed in films and television. Tonto was used as a sidekick, as an errand boy. This wasn't unusual since Native Americans have forever been misportrayed in American history. Depp wanted his Tonto to be honorable and self-reliant, with dignity and integrity. He worked with the Comanche Nation to make Tonto as authentic as possible and to pay tribute to them. Something to look for: in the film, Tonto's life mirrors the history of the Native American.
"The Lone Ranger"- it opens Wednesday, July 3rd. This is the one I want to see. This, and "Kings of Summer."

ACT 4:
Marc has been doing a podcast out of his garage for the past few years and it's become quite popular with over 400 shows produced. It was originally something just to keep him busy and to see where it took him. As it grew more successful, he's been able to get bigger celebrities to come over to his garage. It's become big enough that even Mel Brooks agreed to come on. Marc usually likes to just "wing it" on the podcast without doing much research or prep. He likes to keep it like a simple conversation about anything that comes up, but for Mel Brooks, Marc took some time to prepare. It was decided that the interview would be conducted not in Marc's garage but at Mel's place. On the way over, Marc was wondering how he could make this interview unique. Would it sound "too Jewish" when the two of them got together? Marc didn't want that to happen, but then decided "why not?" Marc decided to go "Full Jew." It ended up being great. Mel then got Carl Reiner to come and do the show. Marc asked Mel, "How is Carl these days?" Mel said, "About 80%."
Two weeks later, Marc arrives at Carl's place for the interview. Also there is Carl's young agent, 70 year old George Shapiro. George sits in on the interview and immediately falls asleep. A few minutes into the interview, Carl asks, "Do you know how many Jews are in the business of Broadway musicals?" Marc didn't have a number off-hand, but Carl did have a DVD that had a list. Most of the rest of the interview involved Carl trying to work the remote that would work the DVD. Two hours later, George wakes from his nap and snaps, "Great interview!" George gets everybody ice cream. Meanwhile, Mel Gibson phones. Marc gets on and Mel says, "80%, right?" Carl then gets back on the phone with Mel and they argue over who could roast a better chicken.
In addition to his podcast, Marc's "Maron," about the daily life of Marc Maron, can be found on the IFC channel. The first season finale is Friday night at 10:00 PM.

ACT 5:
ANNOUNCE: "We'll see you again tomorrow as Dave welcomes John Travolta, Chris DiStefano, and music from Japandroids."
Live shot of Alan. He's wearing an eye patch.
ALAN: "This? I'll be fine. Beach umbrella accident."

ACT 6:
From their newest CD, "Stories Don't End," Dawes performed "Most People."

And that was our show for Thursday June 27, 2013.

Has he done it yet? If not, Ken Burns could do quite a documentary on the history of the Native American people in the United States.

Johnny Depp says boys are simpletons and girls are a lot more complex. This reminded me of a story that may shed light on what Johnny said. I remember my girls were just finishing the 8th grade and were going on an overnight, maybe two night, school trip to Washington DC and then to Hershey, Pennsylvania to Six Flags Amusement Park. My girls were terribly excited and spent weeks preparing for it. They got just the right clothes, right makeup, right everything. I drove them to the school the morning of departure at 6:00 AM. They were already up for hours with excitement. When I we got to the school, the jumped out of the car with their rolling suitcases and didn't look back. They were rarin' to go! Another car pulled up near me and a mother was dropping off her 8th grade son. She had to give him a shove to wake him. He stumbles out of the car with a brown grocery bag as his luggage. He takes a few steps towards the bus and then turns around and asks, "Mom, where am I going again?" His mother blurts out, "Washington DC! You're going to Washington DC!" He turns, says nothing, and continues to the bus. His mother just shook her head.

I'm off on a college trip today. First, it's up to the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, followed by a trip to Bethlehem, PA to Lehigh. The colleges will have a lot to overcome as the weather calls for rain, and then more rain. After a short break of more rain, we will likely get more rain after that. Yesterday's trip, which didn't include me, was to Fairfield, Connecticut and Fordham University in the Bronx. Lots more trips are planned.
When I went to college, the only college trip I went on was the one where I was getting dropped off.

2nd chance tomorrow! Last week while San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan was missing that last minute shot against the Miami Heat that would have tied the game in Game 7, I was appearing as a limousine driver behind Dave on the Late Show. Nobody saw it because everyone was watching the basketball game. Well, you have a 2nd chance to see it Friday night when we repeat the performance. Second chances don't come around every day. Take advantage.

FRIDAY: From June 20, 2013; Show #3869: John Travolta, Chris DiStefano, and Japandroids. PLUS: Dave's limo driver?
MONDAY: From June 13, 2013; Show #3865: Harry Connick Jr., and Dylan Moran. PLUS: a Top Ten list with 10 United States Army Soldiers.
TUESDAY: From May 13, 2013; Show #3850: Mark Harmon, Amy Schumer, and Luke Bryan. PLUS: Eric Burdon sitting in with the band.
WEDNESDAY: From June 03, 2013; Show #3858: Neil Patrick Harris, Tony Kannan, and Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls
THURSDAY: From June 11, 2013; Show #3863: Dana Carvey, Nick Robinson, and Matilda, the Musical.
FRIDAY: From May 22, 2013; Show #3857: Woody Harrelson, Tommy Johnagin, and John Fogerty and Dawes. PLUS: a Top Ten list with 10 Late Show Interns.

Check the Wahoo Archives and make your plans accordingly.

From San Mateo, California, a clarinetist who used to play on his back, it's James Langdell.
This concludes another installment of CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER

Michael Z. McIntee
Twitter: @WahooMike

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