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Monday, October 7, 2013 Why is the government shutting down Dave?
Show #3917
Tom Hanks, and Two Door Cinema Club.
PLUS: the New York Giants; MSNBC making things clear; Dave, a National Treasure; the shutdown taking a toll; and a Top Ten list.

" . . . and now, drummer and backup vocals for Rock and Roll's The Truants . . . . . . David Letterman!"

ACT 1:

-"There are some big changes to the new $100 bill. First, it's only worth $10."

April 25, 2013 Wahoo Mike Tweet: "Have you seen the new $100 bill? It's a fifty."
April 26, 2013 Wahoo Gazette: "The economy is so bad, the new $100 bill is a fifty."

Big New York Giant fan? The Jints are 0-5. Who saw that coming? The team is going through some tough times right now, and it doesn't look as if it's going to get too much better. Have you seen the tickets for their next home game against the Minnesota Vikings? Right there on the ducat reads: New York Giants . . . . . Lose To Minnesota Vikings."

It's hard to keep up with this ever changing world we live in. Good thing we have MSNBC to keep us on the up to on things. We take a look at this segment. ART CARD: "MSNBC: THAT CLEARS IT UP"
We see a split screen of MSNBC host Thomas Roberts and the Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus. They each have something to say and they are darn sure to say it . . . . even if it means they have to talk over each other.
Which they do. Both are loud but neither understood. And I think that's what politics is today: loud nonsense.

Out of the clip we find a well-dressed man standing by Dave.
DAVE: "Oh, hi, can I help you?"
GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL: "Hi, Dave. I'm a government official."
DAVE: "Really? Is everything OK?"
GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL: "I'm afraid not. We're gonna have to shut you down."
DAVE: "But . . . . why? Why do you have to shut us down?"
GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL: "Because YOU, David Letterman, are a National Treasure!" Dave is very pleased with the title. The audience applauds. The Government Official pleads anyway: "Clap, you idiots!"
The audience continues to applaud.
Dave and the Gov't Official bow. The government official exits.

I think I've heard that government official say that before . . . . "Clap, you idiots" . . . . . but I can't remember where.
Oh, yeah! Now I remember! During the pre-show audience instructions!

The Government shutdown is really taking a toll on everyone in Washington. Who knew that taking time off from doing nothing could be so stressful? But Washington is starting to show the effects of the shutdown. We take a look at President Obama's weekly address from this weekend.
We see the President speeching. His clothes are dusty and tattered. In the background, DC looks to be in rubble. It seems the only people still on the government payroll are busy keeping war veterans away from the World War II Memorial.

ACT 2: TOP TEN: THINGS YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR FROM YOUR IPHONE --- The identity of Siri, the voice of Apple's iPhone, has been revealed. She is Susan Bennett of Atlanta, Georgia.
Dave was happy when the identity remained a secret. He liked the anonymity. He liked the secret identity. He liked to pretend to have a woman in his pocket that he didn't know.
Plus, Siri never really talked to Dave. He tried striking up a conversation with the Apple Siri but all she told him was the number of doughnut shops in his neighborhood.

This just in . . . . . . She was kind enough to record tonight's Top Ten List.

10. "What do you want now?"
9. "It's been months since you've touched my home button"
7. "I have an itch. Would you mind pressing the 6 key"
6. "Text message from Anthony Weiner"
3. "Turns out your father is Frank Sinatra."
1. ‘You call that sexting?"

ACT 3:

It's the new Tom Hanks. He's looking trim and slim and fit and a fit fiddle. What's his secret? Well, Tom tells us he's got the Type II Diabetes. He's now on a strict diet. His doc says if he gets down to his weight in high school, he could rid himself of the Type II. Tom resigns himself to keeping it. He weighed 98 pounds in high school. He hasn't been that weight since he was afloat on a raft with Wilson.
Tom's new blockbuster is "Captain Phillips," the story of the hijacking of a ship by Somali pirates. Where do you get Somali actors to play Somali pirates? In Minneapolis, of course.
How do Somalis learn English when they arrive in America? Tom found out they learn it by watching Jackie Chan movies. Wow! And it's so much cheaper than Rosetta Stone! And how do Somalis learn the art of acting? Tom lets us in on a secret. If you can pretend to be somebody else, learning the marks and the cues and the spots and the lighting is rather simple. That's all that's to acting. But shhhh . . . . . don't tell anyone.

"Captain Phillips" – it opens this weekend. If Mr. Hanks is in it, you know it's gotta be good.

Featured in tonight's Backstage Photo Club: Technical Director Tim Kennedy. That shot of Mr. Kennedy is from 1996. It was an Octoberfest In The Control Room joke what was never used. Each September/October, I tell Tim that I think this'll be the year we use it. I think this is as close as we're going to get.

ACT 5:
ANNOUNCE: "Plan on joining us again tomorrow for Dave and his guests Seth Meyers, Michael Fassbender, and Amos Lee. Visit to watch Two Door Cinema Club Live on Letterman. Two Door Cinema Club's exclusive online concert from the Ed Sullivan Theater can be streamed on demand. It'll cure what ails you."

ACT 7:

From their most recent EP, "Changing of the Seasons," Two Door Cinema Club performed "Changing of the Seasons."

While watching the show from home, I asked my daughter Danielle if she knew the group that was singing. She looked up from her iPhone and said, "Yeah, Two Door Cinema Club." First I ever heard of them.

And that was our show for Monday, October 7, 2013.

Whoa! What's happening with my New York Giants? This season reminds me of all those seasons I lived through growing up in the 60s and70s. It was an awful time to become attached to the Giants team. After every loss, you hear "This is their worst start since 1979." Now it's "This is their worst start since 1975." Next up: the 1974 2-12 Giants and then the 1-12 1966 Giants. I was too young for this but in the early 60s, the Giants were:
1961: 10-3-1
1962: 12-2
1963: 11-3
1964: 2-10-2
The 2013 Giants are reliving the 1964 Giants team.
I really feel bad from my daughter Danielle. Every Sunday night she asks, "How did the Giants do?" I give her the bad news and then she mopes off, muttering, "I have this cute new Giants sweater and yoga pants that I want to wear . . . . ."

This year's winner of the "'Fay' Award" goes to "Lucky 7," the ABC sitcom which was the first new show to get canceled this year. "Lucky 7" was axed after only two episodes. It was about 7 down-trodden people from Queens, New York who won and split a $45 million lottery win and the problems that ensued. This brings to mind my philosophy if you ever split a huge lottery win with friends and co-workers: Don't spend a penny for one year. Watch the mistakes your friends make, and then act accordingly.
I call the first canceled show of the year "The Fay Award" because I kinda remember the brouhaha back in the 70's when Lee Grant's "Fay" was canceled soon after it premiered. I did some Googling and found it was canceled after its 3rd episode, but NBC continued to show its entire first season. Lee Grant was none too pleased to be canceled so early in its run. I sort of remember it was big news at the time.

The first year I conducted "The Fay Award," I remember getting a whole lot of votes for "Yes, Dear" in 2000. The show turned out to be a success and ran for 6 years.

College visit this past weekend: For Dominique, Ithaca College has suddenly jumped into the picture. I'm a SUNY Cortland grad. This may cause a problem come time for the annual Cortaca Jug.

Time now for This Date In CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER History.
October 7, 1999: "From the best small town in America as rated by Money Magazine, it's Randy Schmidt from Rochester Minnesota."
This concludes another installment of This Date In CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER History

Turned 21 this weekend, from Costa Mesa, California, it's Corinne Gregor.
This concludes another installment of CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER

Michael Z. McIntee
Twitter: @WahooMike

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