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Saturday, November 2, 2013 Dave dines with Harrison Ford. One will leave and not return.
Show #3931
Morgan Freeman, Brian Regan, and Frightened Rabbit.
PLUS: Halloween Weather Forecast; Off-Season Halloween Costume Sale; a New Dolphin; Obamacare Explained; Dave Lunches with Harrison Ford; a Top Ten List; and the Pope Entertains.

" . . . and now, everybody's favorite candy . . . . . . . David Letterman!"

ACT 1:
- "The New York City Marathon is this Sunday. It's the only marathon with smoke breaks."
- "Remember the NYC Marathon from a few years ago? Donald Trump accused a Kenyan from being from the United States.

Time now for Halloween Weather Forecast Roundup. We watch a montage of TV weatherpeople reporting the weather for Halloween. It went something like this:
"The weather is indeed going to be kind of spooky out there . . . some spooky patchy fog . . . some spooky-looking clouds . . . a few spooky-looking little clouds . . . some spooky showers . . . some spooky showers.... Some spooky showers.... Some spooky showers in the mx.... a spooky chill . . . . a spooky chill . . . . a spooky chill . . . . most spooky . . .the temperature should not be spooky."

Dave is suddenly interrupted by this commercial. Dave is seen on camera with Halloween costumes superimposed over him.
ANNOUNCE: "Looking for great off-season deals on Halloween costumes? Metro Party Supply is slashing prices on all of our unsold inventory! We've got the tri-state area's largest selection of unlicensed costumes for the non-discerning customer, including (these pop up on screen over Dave as if he is wearing the costume):
- Winged-Mammal Man
- Porous Underwater Pal
- Pastry Monster
- Ghoul Breaker
- Prehistoric Dad
- Surly Bird
- And Sexy Surly Bird.
Metro Party Supply: Tell them Dave sent you!"

That was my voiceover. Another thousand of those and I just might be able to afford college for my daughters.

Scientists have discovered a new species of dolphin. Check out this fascinating report from the Wildlife Conservation Society. We see a dolphin swimming.
ANNOUNCE: "Scientists have discovered a new species of humpback dolphin off the coast of Australia. This new dolphin has a different set of mitochondrial DNA, a slightly longer beak, and has an unusual way of communicating."
Cut to the dolphin repeatedly doing the Charlie Callis "honk".
ANNOUNCE: "A message from the Wildlife Conservation Society."

Naturally, this leads Dave to do his own rendition of the Charlie Callas honk. I'm not a hundred percent sure but he may have been doing the dolphin doing the Charlie Callas honk. Dave then mimes some smoking at the monologue mark following his NYC Marathon/smoke break joke.
Oh, put the above in your Odd Dave file.

For Americans who still have questions about how Obamacare works, the White House has released this helpful video. We watch. Narration over accompanying drawings on a whiteboard: "Let's talk about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and what it means to you. Obamacare means you get a host of new benefits and protections. Young adults can now stay on their parents plan until they turn 26. Insurance companies can't limit the amount of care they'll cover over your lifetime. Also, you're completely covered for any liability when the site crashes and you throw your computer out the window. Learn more today by visiting"

ACT 2:
Harrison Ford was on the show last night. Whenever he's here, Dave thinks that he and Harrison could be friends, you know, like doing out for lunch and stuff like that. They're the same kind of guys, in Dave's eyes. So last night after the show, Dave convinced Harrison to out to dinner. So excited was Dave that he had the get together recorded. We take a look at the fun they had.
We see Dave and Harrison next door seated at Angelo's. They have yet to order. Harrison looks at his menu. Dave is excitingly chatting away talking about whatever comes to mind. You could tell that Harrison knows he made a big mistake by agreeing to join Dave. Dave's blather is endless. Harrison excuses himself, claiming he has to go take a wizz. Harrison ups and leaves. It's the last Dave saw of him of the night. Not sure if he noticed.

Back from the clip of Dave and Harrison out to dinner, Dave does some more Charlie Callas honks. Lots and lots of Charlie Callas honks. Real lots. For 30 seconds, Dave's honking was the only thing on CBS. Only those who had fallen asleep did not turn the channel. But I loved it! Loved it!

Lots of horror films on this week and AMC is even showing a month's worth of horror flicks all through November. Not all horror films are good. We take a look at a list of some that aren't so frightening.
10. "The Texas Chainsaw Manufacturer"
9. "Paralegal Activity"
8. "The Thingy"
7. "Charlie Rose's Interview with the Vampire.
6. "It Came From Hygiene, Colorado"
5. "The Amityville Hors d'Oeuvre"
4. "Lee Daniels' The Birds"
3. "Pet Seminary"
2. "The Tex-Mexorcist"
1. "Jawsy Boys"

ACT 3:
I first became aware of Morgan Freeman on "The Electric Company." He now hosts a show on the Science Channel called, "Through The Wormhole." Dave and Morgan discuss things like the "God Particle" and the Higgs Boson. What is this, NPR? Oh, wait, the God Particle IS the Higgs Boson. Probably just a stage name. Anyway, their science-talk lost me rather quickly. I'm more the speed of Charlie Callas honking.
Dave reads from a list of Mr. Freeman's career of film. It's a very nice resume. New to the list is "Last Vegas," starring some of today's greats in film: Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, and Robert DeNiro. That's not a bad sack of coconuts.
"Last Vegas" - it's in theaters today!

ACT 4:
To get and to keep someone's attention, you need to have a bit of the entertainer in you. You have to be interesting, you have to deliver your message well, and you have to keep it fresh. Even our new pope, Pope Francis, is always looking for ways to spread the word in new and interesting ways. We take a look at his recent mass at St. Peter's Basilica. He ventures off the usual and gives his take on religion, a la Jackie Mason. The Vatican audience loved it. Makes me almost want to start going back to church.

Tonight's Back Stage Photo Club features Associate Director Randi Grossack, writer Tom Ruprecht, and the 1994 Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers.

ACT 5:
ANNOUNCE: "We'll see you Monday as Dave welcomes Woody Harrelson, World Series Most Valuable Player David Ortiz, and The Wanted. Visit to watch The Avett Brothers Live on Letterman. The Avett Brothers' exclusive online concert from the Ed Sullivan Theater can be streamed on demand. We'll be back with fun weekend activities you can do with your furniture."

ACT 6:
He'll be performing at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Missouri on November 8th.
Ever been to Disney? Brian does a very funny take on those who like to nonchalantly cut in line as if you won't notice. Oh, we notice, but for me it's usually too hot to bother. Spreading out the family and hugging the rail . . . yup. Done that.

ACT 7:
From their most recent album, "Pedestrian Verse," the band from Scotland performed "The Woodpile".

And that was our show for Friday, November 1, 2013.

My friend Johnny and I would got to a horror movie at least once a month back in the roaring '80s. The worse the movie was, the more we liked. All the horror movies followed the same basic formula. It was always dark in the house. There was always a strange noise coming from somewhere, usually the basement. Nothing would happen until the person went through the third door. And then . . . a cat would jump out! The entire theater would scream at the sudden jump. We would all relax thinking that was the strange noise the person heard. And then just when you relaxed, the guy with the pickaxe would chop off his or her head. The most frightening thing about those movies was the price of the popcorn. Am I right, people?!

Growing up in my neighborhood of Rockland County about 20 miles north of New York City on the other side of the river, we would call the night before Halloween "Gate Night." I never questioned why, but later learned that most others in the U.S. would call it Mischief Night or maybe Devil's Night. Those two are understandable, but Gate Night? What is that all about?

From the Wikitionary: Gate Night - (around New York City, Connecticut, Rhode Island) A particular night, commonly the night of the 30th to the 31st of October, during which young people play pranks and do mischief in their neighborhoods.

Yeah, we already know that . . . but why "GATE" night? Where's the "gate" come in?

With much searching, I came up with this: Back in the day, gate stealing was a popular trick kids would play on their neighbors the night before Halloween. The prank would sometimes include switching the gates among neighboring fences.
I spent about 10 minutes finding the above information. I was griping about how long it was taking me. Thirty years it would require a trip to the library, going through numerous index cards, finding a reference, checking out the microfiche, trying to figure out how the microfiche machine worked, and then finding information informing me that Gate Night is another name for Mischief Night, stuff I already knew. I would then have to go back to the index card catalog and repeat. It would take hours. And here I am today complaining about 10 minutes.

Congratulations to Violet and Allen Large who recently won $11.2 million in the lottery and, get this, they want to give me $3 million of it! True! They just e-mailed me and I don't even know them! Can you believe my luck?! I know it's true because they said they won a total of $11.2 million. If they were lying, they would never have included the "point 2". They would have just wrote, "$11 million." I'm going out right now and buy a sandwich . . . and I'm going to ask for cheese with it! Having money is so great! See you around, losers!

DOH! My girls are 18 years old today. Besides to my face, where oh where did the years go? I remember being asked when they turned 7-ish if the years had flown by. I would say, "The years went fast. The days went slow."

I checked some old Wahoo's and this is the earliest mention I could find of Danielle or Dominique:
From January 28, 1997. I was reporting on the Late Show Super Bowl Pool -
"Rupert won the Late Show Football Pool for the halftime score. If the Packers had missed the extra point, my daughter Danielle, a sweet, pretty, precious adorable young child of 15 months, would have won. The money would have gone into her college fund. Instead, Rupert, a thriving entrepreneur who has a dark side once you get to know him, was the victor."

Damn . . . if only I had started a college fund in '97.

I found this other reference.
From Tuesday, April 29, 1997:
Great news! Remember a few weeks ago when I used the Pythagorean's Theorem in everyday life? Wait till you hear this. I'm feeding my 18-month-old Dominique peas and mashed potatoes. She won't eat the peas and she won't eat the mashed potatoes, but when I mix them together, she eats. Dominique ate only when P (peas) intersected with M (mashed potatoes). As I'm looking down at the scene on my daughter's high chair table, I realized . . . . . HEY! A Venn Diagram. Picture it. A round mound of peas and a round mound of mashed potatoes. Where the two mounds mix together, that's P intersects M. I can't draw it here, but dammit, that's a Venn Diagram.
I remember when I turned 18. I'm glad they're not doing what I was doing at 18 . . . I hope.

Time now for This Date In CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER History.
November 1, 2000: The Marketing Director of Cumulus Broadcasting in Brewer, Maine, it's Danny Cashman.
This concludes another installment of This Date In CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER History

It's their 18th birthday! Dominique McIntee and Danielle McIntee.
This concludes another installment of CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER

Michael Z. McIntee
Twitter: @WahooMike

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