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Monday, March 3, 2014 Former Sgt. Brendan Marrocco talks about his remarkable double arm transplant.
Show #3994
Zach Braff, former United States Army Sgt. Brendan Marrocco and Dr. Andrew Lee, and Future Islands.
PLUS: counterprogramming against the Academy Awards; Victor Yanukovych; Bill O’Reilly: Hunch; Justin Bieber choreographing; Noodles in Film; a new mussels place, and a Top Ten List.

“From the heart of America, broadcasting around the world and into deep space, it’s the Late Show with David Letterman! . . . . and now, in widescreen cinemascope . . . . . . . David Letterman!”

ACT 1:

- “A couple were married at a mall food court. The marriage was consummated at ‘Sleepy’s”

White socks? Another comment during the preshow Q&A about Dave’s white socks. I laughed because I got the same question this weekend from a friend.

Watch the Academy Awards last night? Though it tends to be long and drawn out, it still brings in the great numbers. Other networks know this, so they don’t want to throw out their best stuff. They counterprogram with their B material. Here’s what CBS ran against the Academy Awards last night. We see the ticking “60 Minutes” clock.
ANNOUNCE: “Tonight on a very special ’60 Minutes’ . . . . it’s a full hour of Lesley Stahl waiting to be cued.”
We see Ms. Stahl sitting and waiting, saying nothing.
ANNOUNCE: “More after these messages.”

Ukraine president Victor Yanukovych; he’s in hiding. We take a look at him. Dave describes his looks like the guy the casino in Atlantic City or Las Vegas sends over when you are winning too much money.

New segment! Excited? Should be. This is called, “Bill O’Reilly: Hunch.” It’s just a hunch from the #1 guy on cable.
We see Mr. Bill in a three-way split screen. Says a hunching Bill: "There's got to be some downside to having a woman president. Right? Something!"
Justin, Justin, Justin. You know he’s in jail, right? Well, he’s keeping busy while in stir. He’s choreographing some new moves for his next video. We take a look.
To the tune of “Baby,” we see Justin Bieber at a Miami police stationhouse slowly walking a straight line to determine his intoxication level. In case you’re not familiar with Justin’s “Baby” song, it goes like this:
“Baby, baby, baby oooh
Like baby, baby, baby nooo
Like baby, baby, baby oooh”

Sure, the Academy Awards are long and tedious, but it has to be or else we would miss fascinating montages like this they showed last night.
We see celebrated scenes of movie greats eating pasta in some of the greatest films of all time. We see the likes of Jack Nicholson, Tom Selleck, Julia Roberts, Robin Williams, Walter Matthau (“The Odd Couple”), and more.
The audience in Hollywood loved it.
Yes, somebody on our staff was responsible for looking up Pasta/spaghetti/movies.

ACT 2:
Dave has a story. He was talking to writer Bill Scheft about his weekend. Bill was all excited about a new restaurant he discovered just a few blocks away called, “Jubilee.” Bill gushed about its menu. They have 16 different ways to prepare mussels. Bill and his wife were there this weekend. Dave was impressed. He asked Bill, “So, how were they?” Bills says, “How were what?” Dave: “The mussels.” Bill: “Oh, I don’t eat mussels.”

We head on over to Rupert’s to say hello. Dave has some questions for Mr. Rupert at his Hello Deli. Dave has some basic questions about the food and the favorite sides people order. Rupert pretends the macaroni salad is a big hit, probably because he’s hoping to move the product tomorrow. Does Rupert get much of a crowd at the deli? Sure he does. The camera pans to the left. People scatter as if they are in the witness protection program.
Actually, they were Late Show crew members. I think they were scurrying because they were supposed to be inside the theater working. Anyway, that’s not why you called.
What will Rupert do for us tonight? Rupert says he is going to sing the song that won Best Original Song last night at the Academy Awards. The song is “Let It Go” from the film “Frozen.”
Rupert puts on his headphones and does his best to warble out the tune. He actually sounded a bit like Yoko.

TOP TEN: WAYS TO MISPRONOUNCE IDINA MENZEL. Last night, John Travolta butchered the name as he tried to introduce the singer. He pronounced her as Adele Dazeem. We take a look at the clip. What I liked most about Travolta’s mispronunciation was his confidence. He was very comfortable going with Adele Dazeem.
10. Idrizzle Menzezzle
9. Liza Menzelli
8. Is That A Gazelle?
7. Canned Meat From Hormel
6. Philippe Navarro
5. Medellin Cartel
4. The Real Philomenzel
3. Idling Mazda
2. Insalata Mista
1. Travolta Means Well

For the record, we had Idina Menzel on the show November 18, 2003 with the cast of “Wicked.” Dave pronounced her name perfectly.

ACT 3:

He’s in town making his Broadway debut in “Bullets Over Broadway” at the St. James Theater on 44th Street. They took the Woody Allen film set in the prohibition era and made it into a Broadway musical. Zach says his very first job was in the Woody Allen movie, “Manhattan Murder Mystery” when he was only 18.
Dave says he sees a bit of Ray Romano in Zach. Zach says he gets that all the time. He also gets a lot of Dax Shepard and Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend who got arrested. I see some David Brenner and just a bit . . . just a bit of Howard Stern.
Zach says performing on Broadway continually amazes him. Zach has to do some singing and dancing in the show, but is constantly reminded how talented the people are in live theater; everyone, including the actors and actress and singers and dancers and set designers. Dave agrees. Dave realizes the same. Dave knows his show is on Broadway, right?
Dave asks about Zach’s meeting with Mitt Romney. Zach was on his way to Utah for the film festival and he tweeted a joke about Mitt Romney. Lo and behold, who is on the same plane as Zach but Mitt Romney. And who happens to be seated right next to Zach? Mitt Romney. Zach and Mitt chatted on the plane. Zach admits he had some cocktails before boarding, so he had a lot to say to Mr. Romney. And he took a selfie. Zach, an outspoken Democrat, conversed more than Mitt probably wanted to, but Romney couldn’t have been nicer. Though coming from different viewpoints, the two became fast friends. Zach wonders why libs and cons can’t get along the way they did.

“Bullets Over Broadway: The Musical” – previews begin March 11th at the St. James Theater. Broadway . . . it’s where the real talent is. That’s right, that includes 1697 Broadway.

ACT 4:
Brendan Marrocco is a Staten Island local who joined the Army at 21. He completed basic training in Ft. Benning, Georgia and was deployed to Iraq in October 2008. On routine patrol, his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. The last thing he remembers was the flash. He woke 4 days later in Walter Reed’s intensive care unit in Maryland. He realized quickly that he was still alive and that was all that mattered. He had lost both arms and legs in addition to other massive injuries throughout his body. He came to terms with what had happened and accepted what he was dealt, and was just happy to be alive. But missing the use of his hands and arms was what he missed most. After much physical therapy, he was fitted with prosthetics Prosthetic arms can be incredibly beneficial but it can’t reproduce the social interaction of the “original.” Brendan says he learned of the transplant option and immediately became interested. He met with Dr. Lee and it was determined that Brendan would be a good candidate for a double arm transplant. And then the waiting began. Brendan became a candidate in 2010 and in December of 2012 a donor became available. The 13-hour surgery, involving 16 surgeons, took place on December 18, 2012. The surgery involved an above-elbow transplant on Brendan’s right side, joining bone, muscles, vessels, nerves, and skin. Brendan has exceeded expectations since the surgery 14 months ago and more is expected in the next 14 months. This double arm transplant has only been done 6 times in the United States, and this is the 4th by Dr. Lee’s Johns Hopkins Hospital team. Next is hoped for a leg transplant. The longer nerves in the legs will take longer for a recovery. More research is needed. So much is learned
Dave is amazed at how natural Brendan seems with his transplant. His mannerisms and motion are no different from any guest we’ve had over the years. Dave says the results are beyond wonderful, and adds, “I’m so happy they were able to give back to you for what you lost.” Over the applause, Brendan says, “Me, too!”
And Brendan is now taking driving lessons. We see a photo of Brendan behind the wheel of a specially-designed car. He loves to drive and can’t wait to get behind the wheel again full time. That’ll come after two more lessons. Brendan went to the Daytona 500 last weekend and was super thrilled. He was taken down to the starting grid and was down there for the national anthem. With his hand over his heart, all Brendan could think of was, “How ‘givl’ing cool is this?!” Big reaction from the audience. Dave smiles and has to agree, replying, “It is very ‘givl’ing cool.”
Dave thanks former Sgt. Brendan Marrocco for all he’s done and hopes to see him walking through Times Square some time soon. Brendan says he’d rather be doing doughnuts.

Wow . . . . makes me feel silly for complaining about my touch of planter fasciitis.

ACT 5:
ANNOUNCE: “It’s entertainment with a capital ‘E’ tomorrow as Dave welcomes Michael Keaton, and Phantogram. Coming up, the heartwarming story of an old horse that was sent to the glue factory . . . to give rides to the gluemakers’ kids.”

ACT 7:

From their new album, “Singles,” making their network television debut, Future Islands performed “Seasons (Waiting On You)”

And that was our show for Monday, March 03, 2014.

Ever watch Freaks and Geeks? My daughters just discovered it on NetFlix. Great show! How come it only lasted one season? And I’m very happy with the music. Grateful Dead! My girls were introduced to some Grateful Dead! Of course I’ve been trying to do that for years, but teens tend not to listen to daddies.
One of the boys on the show, a geek, had his first make-out. He was I a panic, feeling totally awkward and stupid. I asked how old is he supposed to be. My daughter said, “9th grade.” I thought for a minute, and said, “Yeah, that’s about right.”
Sadly, I would have said the same for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.

While some were invited to the Academy Awards this weekend, I was invited to Farmville 2, Puzzle Charms, and Candy Crush Saga

Watching drivers on the West Side Highway avoiding potholes looks like a bunch of NASCARS warming their tires before a restart. Is that anything? Does that reference work?

Great news! I think my hairline has stopped receding!

I like rooting against the New York Knicks, but now it’s starting to feel like bullying.

It’s her birthday today, to the wonderful and gorgeous Ramapo Senior High School alum, Joanne Masilotti Lambros
This concludes another installment of CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER

Michael Z. McIntee
Twitter: @WahooMike

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