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Monday, April 21, 2014 Dave's grandpa gives new meaning to "Hammertime."
Show #4014
Courteney Cox, Jimmie Walker, and Christina Perri.
PLUS: Easter Bonnet Roundup; the Price is Right; the Queen’s birthday, a Top Ten List; and a story by Dave.

“ . . . . . and now, so proud of his Easter bonnet . . . . . . David Letterman!

ACT 1:

-“The Fifth Avenue Easter Parade was held yesterday. I love the giant helium balloons of the Apostles.”
-“Hillary Clinton is going to be a grandmother. Today she was knitting a little pantsuit.”

And to celebrate the Easter season, how about a little Easter Bonnet Roundup”!
ANNOUNCE: “New York City.” - We see a couple working too hard on looking irreverent and silly in their Easter bonnets.
ANNOUNCE: “London.” – we see some women wearing their Easter bonnets.
ANNOUNCE: “Donetsk, Ukraine.” We see helmeted Russian soldiers paying an Easter visit to the Ukraine. We cut to Mr. Putin, who wishes everyone and their families a Happy Easter.

And speaking of Easter, kudos to John Boehner for getting in the spirit of the holiday. He dyed his face orange. We take a look at the glowing noggin’ of the Speaker of the House.

Congratulations to “The Price is Right” on their 8,000th show. The next one I watch will be my first! After doing so many shows, some things don’t hold up so well. Even Bob Barker began to fall apart. Did you see what happened the other day? If you’re me, you didn’t. We take a look. We see a woman giving the big money wheel a spin. Around and around it spins. . . . and then it falls off its axle, rolling straight into the camera. Oh, the humanity. I bet Ferguson was glad he wasn’t hosting.

Happy Birthday to the Queen! Queen Elizabeth turned 88 years old today. Royalty is so much better than us mere mortals, so they deserve much better things than us. We take a look at the Queen’s birthday party. My guess is it was organized by son, Charles. We see The QE enter a small, common room. When she makes it through the door, the celebrants boister out a “Surprise” shout. (Yes, I know “boister” isn’t a word, but it should be.)
I’m not so sure about that footage of the surprise party. It was either the Queen or it was an elderly woman who just ate some Imperial margarine. Hey-Ohhh! Ask your parents, kids!

ACT 2:
During the pre-show Q&A, someone in the audience asked Dave what has made him laugh the hardest. Dave recalls great 3 stories that all involve his mother, but decides none are network television acceptable. Or maybe he doesn’t want to tell them since it does involve his mom who will be 93 in July. Upon Paul’s urging, Dave decides he can tell one. Dave mentions that he’s told it a number of times before here on the show, so it’s nothing new.
Dave begins. He tells the tale of being on vacation with mom. It was a fine time to reconnect with mom, as she lives back in Indiana and Dave is here in New York. It was mealtime. Mom starts telling a story over the silence about Dave as a young boy. The family would often go out into the nearby woods and collect hickory nuts. To get the hickory nuts, they would throw rocks and sticks and stuff up at the tree to knock them off. One thing you need to know about hickory nuts is that they are mighty difficult to open and get to the good stuff inside. So mom is at the dinner table and is telling a story about her dad and how he would open the hickory nuts. She said, “Pop used to go downstairs and put his nuts on an anvil and hit them with a hammer.” Dave excused himself and had a good belly-laugh in his room. Dave says he knew his grandpa was a tough guy . . but wow!

Is there a “Friends” thing going on? A reunion? A get-together? Something big? Dave hates asking about it because he’s sure everyone is asking it. Courteney says it’s much too hard to get everyone back together at the same time. She’s tried to have a dinner with the cast and crew and the timing never seems to satisfy everyone, so getting everyone together for a big extended feature would be next to impossible. Unless, of course, the money is right. I think when the Late Show hangs up its spikes, I’m going to pretend I’m too busy to make it for a one-night reunion. Yeah, I’m going to play difficult. What I fear most, though, is if we have a Late Show dinner reunion that I’ll be working the tables.
Courteney has a 9-year-old daughter. They were in Venice recently and were dining at a restaurant. The waiters quickly began putting the chairs on the tables. Why? The water was rising and the floods were coming. Courteney and her daughter tried to make it to safety but were unsure which way to go. Her boyfriend took charge in leading them to safety. He led them to a small boat reserved only for the locals and hopped aboard. Using his best Italian, he blurted “Gelato!” Followed by, “Spaghetti!” Somehow, that worked. Courteney is making her motion picture directorial debut in a film called, “Just Before I Go.” She’s dabbled a bit directing on “Friends” and other projects, but this was her first big deal. It’s about a man who goes back home and confronts some hidden issues from childhood. He’s considering suicide and wants to face those who “forced” him to this life he now leads. Dave says he enjoyed the film. It’s a well-told story without bangs, bells, and whistles. We take a look at the clip. It’s not the clip Courteney set up. The clip she originally wanted to show had “too much cussing’ and she forgot she changed the clip.

“Just Before I Go” – debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 24th and 25th.

ACT 4:

The Queen and Tony share a birthday today. The Queen turned 88; The Danza turned 63.

#8. Neither knows what the Queen of England does.
#5. Occasionally mistaken for Scott Baio
#1. Both have seen Danny Devito naked.

ACT 5:
ANNOUNCE: “Join Dave tomorrow as he welcomes Stephen Colbert, Robin Roberts, and Kelis. ‘Whoa’ said the FCC. ‘That’s too much entertainment for one show!’ But we don’t care!”

ACT 6:

Jimmie “JJ” “Kid Dyn-o-mite” Walker of “Good Times.” Jimmie enters in an all-red suit. Nice, but it’s one of those things you can probably only use once. And I always wonder . . . . is that suit super expensive or super cheap? Jimmie is featured in the PBS series, “Pioneers in Television,” the “Breaking Barriers” installment. Jimmy made the big time on the “Good Times” series, about a black family in the inner city trying to make it. It was one of Norman Lear’s projects. Norman Lear is a TV giant and back in the 70s and 80s created “All In The Family,” “Maude,” “What’s Happening,” “Good Times,” “The Jeffersons,” “Sandford & Son,” “One Day At A Time,” “Different Strokes,” “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,” and “Fernwood Tonight” all at the same time.

“All In The Family” was a 4-part summer replacement series. The show became monstrously huge. Jimmie says Archie Bunker was seen by some as “being a buffoon, and seen by others as exactly right. Controversy was a weekly occurrence surrounding the show. “Good Times” had its share of controversy, too. In one episode, Jimmie was asked by his little brother to paint a picture of Jesus . . . a black Jesus . . . with an afro. His brother took it to school and in the episode, the picture was not allowed. The episode was met with protest both within the show and outside from the viewers. The show as a whole was crazy popular and crazy controversy.

Kid Dyn-o-mite! How did that come about? Jimmie was . . is . . known as Kid Dyn-o-mite. He did a little “Dyn-O-Mite” during rehearsal and it was suggested by the director, John Rich, that he should use that. Jimmie should do the “Dyn-o-mite!” and make it his catch-phrase. Rich showed Jimmie how he should do it. Jimmie thought it was silly and made no sense, but John Rich was adamant. John exclaimed, “We will make a ton of money off this.” JJ simply said, “Oh, John, people are not that stupid.” To which John replied, “Yes, they are.”

Jimmie Walker – look for him on the “Pioneers of Television” – Tuesday nights on PBS. Jimmie will be seen in the April 29th installment, “Breaking Barriers,” and the May 6th episode “Acting Funny.”

And he’ll be appearing April 26th at the Soho Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska

ACT 7:

From her album, “Head or Heart,” Christina Perri performed “Human.”

And that was our show for Monday, April 21, 2014.

Today was the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House. We all pretend to know what an Easter egg roll is but none of us actually do.

We’re back for a good stretch now, right up to Memorial Day. Many around here took advantage and did some traveling. I traveled to Benjamin Moore for a couple gallons of paint to do the dining room. I did this on Good Friday. Good Friday is the one day a year that I make a point of not having a drink. And this may have been the first time I have ever had a paint brush in my hand without a beer can intermittently in the other.
Lincoln was shot on Good Friday. If he stayed home and didn’t go to the theater, he might still be alive today.
And Teddy Kennedy got involved in that “rape on the beach” thing on Good Friday.

Over the break, I watched “The Wolf of Wall Street.” I liked it, except for the scene where Leonardo Dicaprio drives up to his girlfriend’s apartment in Manhattan. Where was the open parking space? That’s right . . . right in front of the apartment building. No way does that happen. I don’t care how rich you are, you don’t get a spot right in front of where you want to go. That ruined it for me a little bit. And if it does happen, the smile on your face can be seen for blocks.

The last pings heard in the search for the Malaysian airliner actually came from Ricochet Rabbit.

“Jeopardy” – a woman, Frederique, won last week because she was the only one who knew how to bet in Final Jeopardy. She was in 3rd place going in. She bet nothing. Her only hope in winning is if the woman in 2nd place bet too much and got it wrong. 2nd place had more than double what 3rd place had. Well, 2nd place bet too much and got it wrong. The woman in first place also got the Final wrong. Frederique snuck in for the win! The woman in 2nd place should have won if she only knew how to bet. Jeopardy contestants spend days, weeks, and months studying up on trivial facts, but not a minute on how much to bet in Final Jeopardy. It’s my favorite part of the show now . . . how much the combatants bet in Final Jeopardy . . . but it has turned into my wife Denise’s least favorite part of the show. She has to listen to me every night. And, hey, Yankees! Can you start your games at 7:30 instead of 7:00? I miss the first half-hour of the game every night because it’s up against “Jeopardy.”

Patriot’s Day – to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Battle of Concord on April 19, 1775. Patriot’s Day is observed on the third Monday in April to celebrate these first battles of the American Revolutionary War.
Trivia Question: The American Revolutionary War . . . . what is it called in England?

Oy. I’m watching the Yankee/Cub game last week. Yankees have a man on 3rd with one out. The batter swings and drubs one down the first baseline. The batter is tagged out and the man on 3rd scores. BUT . . . there was catcher’s interference. They put the batter safe at first and return the runner to 3rd. Yankee manager comes out and chats with the umpire. I suspect Girardi is telling the ump he wants to score the runner from 3rd and accept the out at first base. On catcher’s interference, the manager has the option of taking the play that is most beneficial to his team. The three announcers in the Yankees booth never knew you could do that. I curse the TV, wondering why I know the rule and they don’t. Another commentator after the game admits he didn’t know the rule, either. But little me did know. Now I’m wondering why I knew that rule. Seems like the only two people who knew the rule was me and Manager Girardi. That’s his job, but why did I know it? I have no idea.

Did I mention I hate the replay rule in baseball? It’s too Big Brother-ish.

Trivia Question: The American Revolutionary War . . . . what is it called in England?
The American War of Independence

It was his birthday on the 11th, from Sioux Falls, South Dakota out of Lincoln High School, employed by Click Rain, and creator of PowerUp Apparel, it’s Chris Prendergast
This concludes another installment of CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER

Michael Z. McIntee
Twitter: @WahooMike

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