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Tuesday, August 19, 2014 Dave welcomes #1 ranked tennis star Novak Djokovic.
Show #4070 Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Novak Djokovic, and Robby Johnson.
PLUS: Bedbugs in the City; Communicating Plants; We Test the Late Show Sound Effects System; What's on PBS; Past Moderators on "Meet The Press"; and a Top Ten list.

" . . . . and now, master distiller . . . . . . David Letterman!"

ACT 1:
- "In the Cleveland/Washington football game Monday night, Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel gave the Washington the finger. That's also Obama's exit strategy."
- "Manziel didn't play all that well. He may be changing his nickname from Johnny Football to Johnny Bench.

We used to have a bad bedbug problem here in the New York City hotels. Now the bedbugs have migrated to the subway. Remember the good ol' days when this was all we had to worry about in the subway? We cut to a rat scampering up the leg of a sleeping rider, crawling across his shoulder and face. That, I think, sobered him up.

Plant scientists may have uncovered a method that plants use to communicate with each other. We take a look at some fascinating and surprising footage form their research.
We see a daisy. We see a bee softly landing on the yellow button center. The daisy screams out in fear and pain. Oh, the flora!

What's this? An unexpected announcement: "This is a test of the Late Show Sound Effects System. Remember, this is only a test."
We then hear an assortment of sound effects provided at the whim of our sound effects guy. We had some crashes, screams, a baa-ing sheep, a pig oink, "Oh, the humanity", a klaxon horn, and more that I missed.
ANNOUNCE: "This concludes our test of the Late Show Sound Effects System."

You know what? Let's see what's on PBS.
Narrator: (over video of a guy dong some type of work in a lab) "Steve fills the fake vagina with warm water and blows it up to get a good fit."
We see Steve blowing into the thing.
Good gig, Steve.

NBC has named Chuck Todd as the new moderator of "Meet The Press." The show has actually had 11 moderators before him, so we thought we'd look back at a few of them.
ANNOUNCE: "1953 to 1963: Ned Brooks." We see Ned reporting.
ANNOUNCE: "1966 to 1975: Lawrence Spivak." We see Lawrence reporting.
ANNOUNCE: "1975 to 1988: Chuck Woolery." We see Chuck Woolery interviewing Rep. Lou Thompson of Pennsylvania:
CHUCK: "You say that you're too affectionate with some women?
LOU: "I'm really touchy and feely and like the hand on the thigh, and it could get messy under a table."
Wacky take from Woolery.
Meet The Press logo.
ANNOUNCE: "If it's Sunday, it's 'Meet The Press.'"

ACT 2:
Dave announces he's not retiring.

TOP TEN: SIGNS YOUR TEAM OWNER IS NUTS - Steve Ballmer, the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, was introduced yesterday to thousands of fans at the L.A. Staples Center. Steve Ballmer is the former CEO of Microsoft. We take a look at some of Ballmer's inspiring words. Yikes! And this is an improvement from the last guy? The guy is crazy nuts . . . . and rich enough to afford an NBA team.

10. insists on showering with the players.
9. Halftime show: burning tires.
8. To provide arena security, hires Ferguson, Missouri Police Department.
7. Hints to press that he's dating A-Rod
6. Favorite president: James K. Polk
5. Parks his car on the court
4. Traded star player for three million loose cigarettes.
3. Promise team will defeat ISIS
2. To post-game parties, wears "nothing but net."
1. Is penalized for holding himself.

I have a feeling Dave was just kidding when he said he was not retiring. Maybe he can get a 10:00 primetime show!

ACT 3:
JGL just finished work on an upcoming film where he plays French high-wire artist Philippe Petit. Philippe walk high across Broadway on a high-wire right here for the show (September 26, 2002) JGL was taught by Philippe how to walk a high-wire and learned the importance of the pole. It works as a counter-weight. When you feel yourself leaning one way, you shift the weight of the pole the other way. Joseph was able to pick up the basics within a week and was able to do the stunts himself. JGL spent some time with Philippe in upstate New York and was able to observe his building of a barn using woodworking tools and methods from the 1800s. (Did I ever tell you about the bar I built out of rotting plywood?) Coincidentally, it was the 40th Anniversary of Philippe Petit's daring walk across the Twin Towers on August 7th. Yeesh. 40 years. I remember that.
Joseph also earns congratulations for his first Emmy Award. This past Saturday, Joseph won for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media in the area of Social TV Experience. His show, HitRecord, on Pivot TV. It's an internet-produced variety show where anyone can send anything in, and then anyone can take it, change it, morph it, play with it, improve it, refine it, revise it. It is never really ever finished. It's to get people to instead of just watching TV, they make TV. JGL is in the highly anticipated new film, "Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For." I like the look of it, the feel of it of a graphic novel. It opens this Friday in the popular 3D,

ACT 4:
NOVAK DJOKOVIC (joke-a-vitch)
The number one tennis player in the world! He's in town for the U.S. Open which begins Monday. Novak was the runner-up the past two years and is the favorite this year. Dave sizes up Novak and wonders if he is in the best physical shape of his life. Novak isn't sure how to respond and wonders if that is a request for him to take off his shirt. It got the expected reaction from the audience.
Dave is very interested in Novak's background. He grew up in Serbia through the 1999 NATO-sanctioned bombing campaign during the Kosovo crisis. Times were tough, times were dangerous. He and his family lived in physical danger. It made them closer and has made Novak appreciate all that he has today. It was a bit of a fluke how Novak started playing tennis. He came from a skiing family, and for some reason the government decided to build a tennis complex just 100 feet from where he lived. He started playing at age 4, and the rest is clear.
Watching Novak, I wonder how anyone cannot root for him.
Dave asks how technology has changed the sport of tennis over the years. With today's racquets, you get more speed, better accuracy, and greater spin on the ball. The game is so much faster.
Hey, how about a wood racquet tournament?
The U.S. Open - it all begins this Monday, August 25th at Flushing Meadows in Queens. It's tennis at its best, and something I've never been to. I would like for that to change.

ACT 5:
ANNOUNCE: "Get back here tomorrow for Dave and his guests Kathy Griffin, Ken Burns, and Jeremy Messersmith.
When we come back, a sneak peek at the Post Office's next generation of stamp adhesives."

ACT 7:
The French-Canadian country music singer performed his new single, "South Of Me."

And that was our show for Tuesday August 19, 2014.

Almost forgot . . . . I watched Monday's show when I got home. I wanted to re-watch Dave's tribute to Robin Williams. When I pressed the info button on my remote I noticed Monday's show was listed as Season 22, Episode 1, though I think that's not for another two weeks or so.

Caught "The Honeymooners" on the other night. I think they run episodes on Saturday and Sunday night. And the show still makes me laugh. Seen all of 'em a hundred times and a hundred times I've laughed. "Ooooh, Rachel, you've come . . . back."

Is "late" the new "on time"?

Police are arresting the media in Ferguson, Missouri. Oh, the horror! But imagine a reporter standing on 2nd base during a Yankee game trying to ask Derek Jeter a question, or in the E.R. questioning the operating doctor about the scalpel he is using, or stopping a teacher to question his or her teaching style right in the middle of a lesson. It's not done. A police officer is just trying to do his job and sometimes the media can get in the way. The street is his work area. When a police officer tells a reporter to move, it's not a time to chit chat or discuss or negotiate. AND . . . . and the only reason the officer is telling a reporter to move is because the sergeant on the scene has ordered the officer to clear the area, and that sergeant got the order from above, and then above him. Most times the officer has no idea why an area has to be cleared. All he knows is it has to be cleared. Without the knowledge for the reason, the officer will often resort to the only thing he has: intimidation.

Have you been watching the "Ray Donovan." Denise and I have been catching up on episode on the Netflix. It has a bit of "The Sopranos" flavor to it, especially Ray's wife who seems to be playing Edie Falco's Carmela. Two things that bother me, though. It seems everyone who gets shot and killed gets it dead-center right through the forehead. The bullet hole is too perfectly centered. And nobody ever misses. I don't mind the killing. I just don't like how everybody's a perfect shot. The other thing that bothers me is whenever Ray Donovan is on the phone, he never says "goodbye." He just hangs up, even if the other guy is still talking. I find that rude.

I feel a bit uneasy tonight. I won't be here for Wednesday's and Thursday's show. I'm driving my daughter to college . . . Villanova in Pennsylvania. I was thinking of coming in Wednesday morning and then meeting the family later but it was rightly suggested by them that it wasn't a good idea. They are right. I don't like missing a show. I fear that I will be missed, but fear more that I won't be.

From Marblehead, Massachusetts, it's Amy Thompson.
This concludes another installment of CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER

Michael Z. McIntee
Twitter: @WahooMike

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