1. How many stars are in Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night"?
2. Which of the following is actually vegetarian?
3. Who made the first cell phone without an exterior antenna?
4. Which 20th century president had to move out of the White House because it was falling apart?
5. Take the number of presidents who never married, multiply that by the number of the address of NYPD headquarters, then subtract the number of people burried in Grant's tomb.
6. Which of these four has the highest annual salary?
7. If you keep folding a piece of paper in half, roughly how many times could you fold it before it's as thick as the universe?
8. Which is the city furthest to the west?
9. Take the 10th number of pi after the decimal point, multiply that by the number of Hawaiian islands with a population of at least 30,000 people, then subtract the number of I Love Lucy seasons.
10. On Stephen Colbert's first episode of the Late Show, which show did he joke about being replaced by if he upset CBS?
11. Which of the following would disqualify an NCIS special agent applicant?
12. Take the number of stories in Willis Tower, then subtract the number of United States federal district level trial courts, and add the liters in a double magnum of wine.