CBS Television Studios
A secret agent unlike any other, MacGyver escapes perilous situations with nothing but a paperclip, his trusty Swiss Army knife and his wit. A dynamic reimagining of the hit television series, this action-packed origin story follows the young MacGyver as he returns from war, a hero with an idealistic vision of saving the world. He and his late father’s best friend partner to form the clandestine Phoenix Foundation. Using his scientific know-how and resourcefulness, MacGyver—alongside his intrepid team—undertakes missions to save lives and change the world.

EP/W: Paul Downs Colaizzo (Really Really)
EP/W: Brett Mahoney (Code Black, The Following)
EP/Dir: David Von Ancken (Code Black, Hell on Wheels)
EP/NW: Henry Winkler (MacGyver)
EP/NW: Lee Zlotoff (NCIS, MacGyver)

George Eads (CSI)
Lucas Till (X-Men franchise)