First Look: Mike And Molly Clash Over Domestic Duties

Molly's leisurely activities in between novels becomes an issue with Mike when he wants her to be the perfect homemaker on the next Mike & Molly episode entitled "The Good Wife."

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15 Times Your Favorite CBS Stars Got Ultra-Competitive

A little competition is healthy, but only these famous characters could take it this far.

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First Look: Joyce Reveals The Contents Of Her Will On Mike & Molly

Molly is shocked when her mom, Joyce, says that when she dies, she’s leaving the house to Molly's sister, Victoria, on the next episode of Mike & Molly entitled "Joyce's Will Be Done."

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First Look: Mike Becomes Hypervigilant After His Wallet Is Stolen

See what happens when Mike becomes overly sensitive after his wallet is stolen from the squad car while he was snoozing in the front seat the Mike & Molly episode entitled "Super Cop."

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