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Meet the Real-Life Dwayne Pride

NCISNOLA Interview

What is life like being a real NCIS agent in the Big Easy? Find out here as we sit down to chat with D'Wayne Swear, the former NCIS New Orleans investigator the show is based on.

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NCIS New Orleans Had Too Much Fun at Mardi Gras

Social Roundup

Check out how the cast of NCIS: New Orleans celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans!

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Rob Kerkovich Does Mardi Gras


Rob Kerkovich spent Monday documenting and preparing for the NCIS: New Orleans Mardi Gras float ride in New Orleans. Check out the craziness here.

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4 Times Loretta Just Owned It

Speaking the Truth

You know those times when Loretta pretty much says the perfect thing? These are those times.

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