All Episodes of Inside NCIS
Join the cast, producers and crew as they present an insider's look at the iconic sets and reveal the magic behind this worldwide hit.
Abby's Lab - Music and Mayhem
Pauley Perrette, composer Brian Kirk, and producer Josh Rexon explore how the unique music created for Abby's lab sets the distinctive "Abby" tone.
Squad Room - Center of Attention
Michael Weatherly and executive producer Gary Glasberg feature the iconic Squad Room set that has become the unofficial home of the NCIS team.
Autopsy - Bodies of Work
David McCallum, Brian Dietzen, and executive producer Mark Horowitz spotlight actor choreography and the exacting physical demands of "playing dead".
Michael Weatherly and art director Robb Bacon showcase the ability of the NCIS backlot to transform itself into locations from all around the globe.
Ship Set - Set Afloat
Sean Murray, executive producer Charles Johnson, and technical advisor Leon Carroll discuss the challenges of filming in the cramped ship set.
MTAC - Telecommunication
Sean Murray and producer Avery Drewe show how scenes are staged in MTAC using live feeds from different sets so that actors can interact in real time.
Vance's Office - Highly Decorated
Rocky Carroll and set decorator Lynn Wolverton-Parker discuss the distinct touches in set that reflect the character and history of Director Vance.
Interrogation - If These Walls Could Talk
Cote de Pablo, director of photography Billy Webb, and writers Frank & George, explore how the NCIS look and feel are achieved through cinematography.