Insider's Blog: Lost at Sea
Posted on Oct 23, 2012 07:45pm

Happy Season X! It's an incredible blessing to be back working with the best cast and crew in the business.

The story arena for "Lost at Sea" has been kicking around, in one form or another, for the last three seasons and has been a good lesson in patience. When Gary originally tasked me with building a case surrounding a mysterious helicopter crash, I was thrilled and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to bring back CGIS Special Agent Borin, played by the always charming and talented Diane Neal. Unfortunately, at the time, production schedules did not work out and the episode was postponed. Then, last season, Reed and I ended up developing an entirely new story to include our Coast Guard friends. Fortunately, this tale has finally found a home in Season 10.

While we've dealt with the fallout from last season's explosive finale and our team's ensuing mental and physical recovery, it was my hope to make this episode, like many of my favorites from seasons past, a classic stand-alone mystery. As a genuine fan of NCIS, I try to write the stories and character interactions I love to watch: Tony and McGee as wingmen with Ziva refusing to be left out. Gibbs' and Ducky's "covert prowess." Abby and "Other Abby" – both with unmatched brains and beauty.

Thanks to Mark, Michael, Pauley, Sean, Cote, our wonderful guest cast, and the incomparable Tony Wharmby, these moments and this episode are truly brought to life.

Thank you all for watching!

Christopher J. Waild, Co-Producer