Insider's Blog: "You Better Watch Out"
Posted on Dec 20, 2012 10:25am

"You Better Watch Out!" was our fourth episode with Robert Wagner playing "Senior." Previously we had him arrive and 1) insinuate himself into a case in Flesh and Blood, 2) be recruited by NCIS to help on a case in Broken Arrow, and 3) be the suspect in a case Sins of The Father. This time we thought he should just be himself and come to visit Tony for the Christmas holiday. That said, we thought it was the perfect time, after ten seasons, to finally see where Tony, Jr. lives. A lot of thought, with Michael Weatherly's input, went into the design of the set. It was a further "peeling of the onion" to show more of who Tony really is…with a reveal of his personal space and curious "rules." We hope you were as surprised as Tony, Sr.

As for the story of the flawed, uncirculated new U.S. $100 bills – it's true. Years ago we heard the Treasury Department would be putting them out in 2011 and, when that didn't happen, we researched their fate and thought it would make an interesting story if our NCIS team came across a hundred-dollar note before it was supposed to go public. It took a lot of hard work by our fantastic graphic artist, Doug Reilly, to come up with our own version of the "New Benji." His first pass was deemed "too close" to the real thing and a few modifications were made in fear of his being arrested as a counterfeiter.

And finally, it was a pleasure to reteam with director Tony Wharmby on another Christmas storyline. The three of us collaborated on season seven's, Silent Night, and enjoyed doing this year's installment as well. It's a special time for Gibbs and his team that culminates with the group spending the holiday together, in MTAC, watching the classic It's a Wonderful Life.

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