Insider's Blog: "Prime Suspect"
Posted on Mar 6, 2013 12:00am

As you know from watching the episode, the story required a long-time friend to seek Gibbs' advice regarding a personal problem. We wanted it to be someone the viewers would know has been a part of Gibbs' life for, at least, the past ten years. That's when it came to us…that singular haircut! Let's make it Gibbs' barber who needs his help.

The interior and exterior of the barber shop were created on our studio backlot, and the actor playing the part, Jay Acovone, was instructed in the art of hair trimming by the show's stylists, FRANKIE Fontaine and Carla DEAN -- hence the character's name, "Frankie Dean." In truth, Carla is the one who has given Mark his haircuts since Day One.

The scenes that were supposed to be set in the Grand Bahamas were actually shot at Mandalay Bay in Oxnard,California. And while it was supposed to be sunny and hot, it was one of the coldest days of the year at the beach. Crew members were bundled in parkas, and the actors and extras had to pretend to be warm in skimpy beachwear. (Hope you didn't notice).

James Whitmore, Jr. directed several of our episodes in the early years of the series, but we hadn't worked with him since Season Five, and it was a pleasure to be reunited.

Frank Cardea
George Schenck
Executive Producers/Writers