Insider's Blog: "Berlin"
Posted on Apr 26, 2013 01:10pm

Since we last saw Ilan Bodnar (the disgraced Mossad Deputy Director responsible for the deaths of Jackie Vance and Eli David), we've striven to whet your appetite with a few choice ingredients. 1. Ziva's determination for revenge. 2. Tony's watchful eye over his favorite Israeli, and... 3. The sparks that fly when 1 and 2 combine. Yep, the path of vengeance brings Tony and Ziva together in ways we can only hint at in other episodes. So when our fearless leader, Gary Glasberg, teamed us up with orders to add another chapter to this Tiva saga, we jumped at the challenge. And that was BEFORE we realized we'd get to write flashbacks, and a dance, and a hotel room, and diamonds, and the new Mossad director, and Berlin, and a car crash. Truth is, start to finish, this episode was a blast. And it all started with Tiva…

Let's face it. You can't go wrong when you have two actors with the chemistry of Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo. One of the many great things about writing for this show is that our actors can say more with one look than words can possibly quantify. Thanks to our entire ensemble of Michael, Cote, David, Pauley, Sean and Rocky, for putting their hearts into every scene and bringing the words to life like few casts can. And, of course, thanks to our team captain, Mark Harmon, for his constant encouragement and insistence that we keep pushing the envelope. Mark definitely followed his own advice when it came to creating a fiery dynamic between Gibbs and new Mossad Director Orli Elbaz. And as portrayed by our stunning and delightful guest star Marina Sirtis, Orli had more depth behind her eyes than we ever could have dreamed.

Thanks, also, to Terrence O'Hara for his brilliant direction, and to Greg Gontz for being a genius in the editing room. And how can we not mention all the talent and ingenuity that went into the last few jarring moments of this episode? Lead by the visual effects magic of Avery Drewe and Richie Owens, the entire NCIS team is responsible for making the car crash seem so painfully real. And thanks to stunt driver Steve Kelso, much of what you saw was real. That SUV was going at least 50 mph (though it looked like 80!) when it slammed into Tony's car. It was a heart-pounding moment we won't soon forget. And with only one take to get it right, it helps to have the best crew in television on the scene.

Lastly, thanks to each of you for watching. Thank you for coming back week after week. We hate to leave you with Tiva's lives hanging in the balance, but…

Scott Williams
Co-Executive Producer

Gina Lucita Monreal
Story Editor