Insider's Blog: "Revenge"
Posted on May 1, 2013 02:05pm

While "Revenge" was always going to be the Part II of a four-episode arc, the cold opening changed during development. Originally, Part I was going to end after the crash, with Ilan Bodnar taking the diamonds and driving away, Ziva shooting after him. But we felt a much stronger cliffhanger would be ending Part I on "Tiva," the mystery of Tony and Ziva's fate.

Ever since the deaths of Ziva's father (Eli) and Director Vance's wife (Jackie) in Shabbat Shalom, the two have been walking a fine line keeping their emotions in check. Ziva's intensity, and Tony's concern for her, uncovered Ziva's clandestine search for Bodnar, which led to "Berlin" and now "Revenge."

Our special effects and stunt coordinators (Diamond Farnsworth and Larry Fuentes, respectively) outdid themselves on this episode. They've worked with each other for over twenty years, going back to the first days of JAG. As a matter of fact, they're fast friends and eat lunch together almost every day. The work they did on the opening car crash, assault on Bodnar's cabin, and the fight sequence on the ship were spectacular.

In early drafts of the script, the Ziva/Bodnar fight aboard the ship took place in daylight. But our leader, Mark Harmon, called, asking us if we didn't think it would play better at night. When we agreed, he made it happen…and that led to a long, long night on the ship and pier. We started at four on a Friday afternoon and didn't wrap until six a.m. Saturday morning. But it was well worth it and, as always, a pleasure to work with the director, James Whitmore, Jr.

George Schenck & Frank Cardea
Executive Producers