Insider's Blog: "Double Blind"
Posted on May 8, 2013 11:10am

A wise man once said, "two heads are better than one." We'll let you guys judge if that's the case with this episode, but there's no question two heads are more fun than one. And we had a lot of fun writing this episode. Had we been sitting alone in our offices staring at the paint dry, the clue that led Lowry to uncover the truth of his predicament would undoubtedly been some variation on the type of dirt under his fingernails that is found only at, let's say…the Acme Mining Company. But with two heads, that clue was…bratwurst!

On second thought, maybe two heads aren't better than one... Again, you be the judge.

However, as it turns out, the same guy who opined on the subject of dual craniums also said that "all's well that ends well." Unfortunately, this episode definitely does not end well - at least not for Gibbs. DoD IG Investigator Richard Parsons is out for Gibb's blood – though Parsons does a brilliant job distracting our team from his goal. We would like to take credit for that brilliance, but the kudos really go to Colin Hanks who breathed life into the character of Parsons. He played the character pitch-perfect, light and playful when he first enters the world of NCIS. But all the while really biding his time – until the cobra strike at Ziva in Interrogation. After that, the fangs are out. Not an easy transformation, but Colin nailed it.

So what will become of Gibbs & Co. as we "phoof" into the Season Finale next week? We can't say. Legally, that is. But it's probably a safe bet that Parson will have his work cut out for him as he continues his witch-hunt. Especially if the team dynamic that played out in this episode is any indication. That on-screen dynamic is truly what makes this show tick. And it all starts in one place – our cast. Mark, Michael, Sean, Cote, Pauley, David, Rocky, and Brian continue to bring life and depth to their roles, including a level of character communication and interaction not often seen in a television show airing it's 233rd episode. They are accompanied by our talented guest cast, the hardest working crew in TV, and our wonderful collaborator and friend, director Dennis Smith. Thank you all for a wonderful Season X.

And, to our loyal viewers, thanks for watching. See you next season.

Steven D. Binder, Co-Executive Producer
Christopher J. Waild, Co-Producer