Insider's Blog: "Recovery"
Posted on Oct 2, 2012 10:00pm

While tonight's episode "Recovery" may not bear the most colorful title I've ever come up with, it is among the most clearly thematic. Our agents recover a co-worker who's been missing since our season finale bombing. But they also begin recovering from the loss of any true sense of security. Disaster takes many forms, both natural and man-made: Accidents, murders, tornadoes, earthquakes, and, in Ducky's case, heart attacks. Human nature dictates that we respond by rebuilding as quickly as possible. Patch up the wound, sweep up the broken glass, and rebuild the house, so we can all hurry up and get back to ‘normal'. Well, that may work in the short term, but internal damage can linger. With that in mind, we hope that you, the NCIS faithful, will be navigating these turbulent waters of recovery right along with our heroes.

Once again, I couldn't be more grateful to work with the best cast and crew in television. Our terrific guest star, Steve Valentine, fit right in with our incredible ensemble of Michael, Cote, David, Pauley, Sean, Rocky and Brian. These are among the finest and most collaborative people I've ever worked with. They bring life to our words like no other group in television. The crew, as well, are masters at their crafts and make coming to work everyday an absolute pleasure. And of course, we are led by the example of team captain Mark Harmon, who's taught me more about how to "be" in this business than I knew I needed to learn. Mark makes us all want to ‘up our games,' which just might explain why the show's in season 10 and still going strong.

Lastly, a big thanks to the episode's top-notch director Dennis Smith and executive producers Charles Floyd Johnson and Mark Horowitz for squeezing the best out of every line on every page. And to the writing and support staff, for letting me play in their yard for another season. With the support of Frank, George, Steve, Nicole, Leon, Chris, Gina, Susan, Shawna, Scott, Matt, and our fearless leader Gary Glasberg, a guy can't lose. Hope you enjoyed "Recovery."

Scott Williams
Co-Executive Producer