Season Nine: Tony's Bucket List
Posted on Nov 8, 2011 09:00pm


1. Master the art of Kung Fu.

2. Drive a 1965 Aston Martin DB5 like the one in Goldfinger.

3. Discover the meaning of life.

4. Catch a shark.

5. Date a Bond girl and/or Miss Universe.

6. Ride in a motorcycle ball of death.

7. Write letter to Roger Ebert re: his reviews of Full Metal Jacket and Benji the Hunted.

8. Develop a catch phrase.

9. The luge.

10. Tell Dad it's okay.

11. Watch all Hitchcock films in order of release (including both versions of The Man Who Knew Too Much), pausing only for bathroom breaks.

12. Experience a Wonder of the World (besides Gibbs).

13. Learn to play the bass.

14. Kick McGee's butt at some video game.

15. Create DiNozzo coat of arms.

16. Ride a Ferris wheel naked. (oops…did that already)

17. Get and pass on Gibbs' recipe for steak.

18. Visit Bogie's grave.

19. Discuss Paris.

20. Give a motivational half-time speech.

21. Find Jimmy Hoffa, dammit.

22. Finish memoir.

23. Make cameo in the movie version of memoir.

24. Let friends get closer.

25. Try space tourism.

26. Tell her.