Season Nine: "Newborn King"
Posted on Dec 13, 2011 09:00pm

­When Gary asked me to write this year's "Christmas Episode," I was elated. And a little intimidated. As we all have our own criterion for holiday canon, submitting a new entry is no small task. The elements that evoke the season are very different for each of us. And while I have my own list of favorites to draw upon - the album Christmas by Michael W. Smith; the made-for-TV version of A Christmas Carol (the one with George C. Scott, of course!); and the aesthetic of a fresh snowfall - my own artistic standards for Christmas fare may not measure up. So, much like we all do during this often-hectic season, I tried to focus this episode on something more than superficial embellishments. It became my goal to create a story less about décor or nostalgia, and more about capturing a little of what makes the Christmas season important: sacrifice. Whether it's shown by a simple gift to a friend, time spent with loved ones, or an act of service done in the line of duty; this time of year can remind us to recognize, give thanks for, and perpetuate selfless sacrifice. An idea demonstrated at the first Christmas. A big thanks to our talented cast and steadfast crew who ALL make sacrifices above and beyond the call of duty to make NCIS possible. Because of their incredible work, I hope Newborn King will become a new part of your own Christmas canon. Thanks for watching. Merry Christmas! Christopher J. Waild Executive Story Editor **Also, a very special thanks to baby Harper and her family for allowing Harper to make her television debut in the steady hands of Mark Harmon. She was beautiful!