Season Nine: "Housekeeping"
Posted on Jan 4, 2012 09:35am

­Happy New Year! From all of us here at NCIS – the cast, crew, writers and producers - we wish you and your families a healthy, joyful and prosperous 2012. And with "Housekeeping", we thought we'd start the year off with a bang. Or more precisely, with a lot of bangs and one really big boom. This season's premiere "Nature of the Beast" provided some long-awaited answers to questions posed in last season's finale. But like any good drama, it also created some new mysteries to drive us forward into season nine. Many of the NCIS faithful were left wanting to know three things: Where did EJ go? Who was that Stratton guy? And why is his boss Latham selling those microchips to the highest bidder? When Gary Glasberg (our fearless leader and the premiere's author) decided it was time to answer those questions, he presented me with the challenge of doing so. I use the word "challenge" loosely, since writing for Mark, Michael, Cote, David, Sean, Rocky and Pauley is such a dream. Throw in expert direction from the great Terence O'Hara and terrific performances from Sarah Jane Morris, Philip Casnoff, Matt Craven, and Scott Wolf (delightful people, one and all), and the only real challenge is in satisfying the most loyal and canny audience in television. We hope you like it. One of the unexpected opportunities the episode provided in the writing process was a chance to deal with what many of you fans refer to as "Tiva". Getting to understand the relationship between Tony and Ziva was great fun. And as always, Michael and Cote brought the heat like few actors can and made the story sing. Thanks as always to the greatest crew on television. They are the life's blood of the best show I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of. All the best, Scott Williams Co-Executive Producer