Exclusive: Q & A with Executive Producer Gary Glasberg
Posted on Feb 8, 2012 11:23am

­NCIS' Executive Producer Gary Glasberg answers your fan questions from the 200th episode. Q: A little confused on whether Gibbs actually got hit or not. I had decided not but then Tony said at the end "you were injured". A real thinker episode. shed a few tears, too. A: Yes he was shot in the shoulder but the entire episode takes place during the time before the bullet hits him, until after and everything he thinks about in between. Q: Why was Leon in the diner? And where was Jenny? A: There is so much packed into episode 200 that I recommend everyone going back and watching again. Jenny Sheppard is in the episode, magically handled by our post production team. See if you can figure it out. Q: Will more of Gibbs rules be introduced in future episodes? A: Of course! Gibbs' Rules are a huge part of how he lives his life and how it affects the team. The rules are a big part of the show. Q: Was last nights show a real sneak view of possible future scripts? A: Our 200th episode was a fun opportunity to get a glimpse of what could have happened or could be in the future. Let's just enjoy the "what if" for now. Q: Great episode! My question is why he knew Gibb's diner? Coincidence? Someone told? A: It is not determined in the script, but I think Stephen probably followed him there. Q: How long did it take for you to come up with this idea for the 200th? A: I had a germ of an idea as far back as July of 2011. I pitched it to the producers and we all started thinking about how to make it happen. Q: My question is, when the alternate timeline of Tony & Kate having a child is showing, why is it in black & white as opposed to the other alternate timelines being in color? A: All the "what ifs" were color treated in a similar way. Take a look again - it shouldn't have felt that different from the others. Q: As the wife of a Marine I have to know. . . When Reilly hit E7 on the little juke box, was that planned since a Gunny is an E7?? And really naming Kate and Tony's daughter Kelly!? I lost it on that one, yep who was crying like a baby? Me!!! A: Yes E7 is an elite rank to achieve! And like many elements on NCIS, there are often dual meanings. I am so glad that you were moved by the episode. It was a very special moment for us to film. Q: Who knew Jimmy had abs?! Was that planned? A: Brian Dietzen works out constantly. He has one of the best bodies we have ever seen - how could we resist.