Season 3: Episode 7 - The Perfect Mark
Posted on Nov 6, 2013 12:00am

Finch poses as a man in need of hypnotherapy in order to gather more information about the newest POI, Hayden Price, a con man posing as a therapist. Shortly after his session with Price, Finch notices that Price has cleverly extracted a modest sum from his bank account, something he does with many of his affluent clients. As they search for the threat to Price, they discover that one of his clients is an antiques dealer who uses his shop to launder substantial amounts of money for HR. Price stages an elaborate con to get the antiques dealer to buy him a signed baseball worth over $4 million, which the dealer pays for with HR's money. Furious that the money was lost, Alonzo Quinn orders Simmons to track down Price and the baseball to get HR's money back, using Price's girlfriend, Natalie, as a hostage. Reese and Shaw interrupt the exchange between Price and HR, saving his life, while Carter and Fusco rescue Natalie. Later, it is revealed that Natalie played Price all along, and she makes off with the valuable signed baseball. Meanwhile, Carter continues to use Laskey to extract information about HR's dirty dealings. After meeting with Elias, she learns how HR launders their money through the antiques dealer, then relays the information to Reese and Finch when the stolen baseball comes up and their two paths cross. Detective Terney later uncovers that Carter has turned Laskey, putting both of their lives in danger...