Season 6: Episode 14 - Goodbye Dolly

Goodbye Dolly: Audrey accidentally pulls off the arm of a young girl’s doll and offers to take it to be fixed at the doll hospital. After having it repaired, Audrey inadvertently breaks the doll repeatedly with odd accidents, ultimately leaving it in permanent disrepair and ends up just giving the little girl cash. Jeff is concerned about Brenda dating while she is carrying his child so he crashes Brenda’s date with a waitress she recently met. After spending all evening with them, Brenda finally confronts him and he leaves, accepting the fact Brenda would not do anything to jeopardize her pregnancy. Meanwhile Russell enlists Timmy to baby-sit him as he needs to have a wisdom tooth pulled, and a nervous Russell becomes heavily sedated. After the procedure Timmy gets Russell, who is overly medicated, into a cab to take him home, but after paying and getting out, the cab drives off with a barely conscious, slumped over, Russell still in the back. In addition, Adam wants to be edgy, and threatens to get a tattoo but Jen scares him out of it.