Season 6: Episode 7 - The Chair

The Chair: ­When Audrey buys a new chair that Jeff hates, she refuses to admit to him that she actually hates it too for fear of setting a precedent in which he has a say in future purchases. Audrey tries to get rid of, under the guise that it is because Jeff does not like it, but he is on to her and insists he loves it and that they keep it. Refusing to back down, in the end they both lose as Audrey buys another matching chair for Jeff. Meanwhile Russell takes Timmy to the executive dining room to help him impress Gwen, a waitress he likes, however Timmy ends up saving Russell’s life with the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR when he chokes. Gwen is impressed and wants to date Timmy, so Russell files a sexual harassment suit against Timmy to prevent it, as no interoffice dating is permitted while under investigation for harassment. In addition, Adam builds an elaborate fort from the crate Audrey and Jeff’s chair came in.