Watch Scorpion's Stars Ace A Special "Chemistry Experiment" The members of Team Scorpion tried to hack each other's brains.
Posted on Jul 8, 2016 08:50am

With little more than their sharp wits and some index cards, six of your favorite TV stars went head-to-head in "The Scorpion Chemistry Experiment." The teams of two used verbal cues and gestures, with each player taking a turn to help their partner to guess a Scorpion-related term—without actually using the word listed on the card.

Each player tried to coax out as many correct answers as possible over the course of a minute.

Between Elyes and Katharine, Jadyn and Robert, and Ari and Eddie, who do you think had the best chemistry?

Round One:
Elyes Gabel plays a genius with an IQ of 187 on Scorpion. Katharine McPhee's character has a knack for understanding people. See how close their characters are to their real world talents in this behind-the-scenes contest!

Round Two:
Robert Patrick and Jadyn Wong quickly find their stride. But will they overcome an awkward spell?

Round Three:
Eddie Kaye Thomas and Ari Stidham made for a Super Fun (and fast) team! The Human Calculator was answering so quickly that everyone's favorite doctor had to come up with a fast way to dispose of the cards!

So which geniuses won? Find out by watching "The Scorpion Chemistry Experiment!"

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