Posted on Jul 21, 2016 11:45am
Team Scorpion Assembles At Comic-Con 2016, Dishes On Upcoming Season
Katharine McPhee, Ari Stidham, Jadyn Wong, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Nicholas Wootton share stories and insider scoops about the series.

Team Scorpion made its triumphant return at this year's San Diego Comic Con, assembling stars Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jadyn Wong, Ari Stidham, and Executive Producer Nicholas Wootton for a panel moderated by Patrick Gomez of People magazine.

Before the cast took the stage, the event kicked off with a blooper reel:

After thanking fans, the panelists dove right in, talking about what’s on deck for Season 3.


"You’re going to get resolution on a lot of things," said Wootton. The first episode of the new season is a direct pick-up, beginning mere hours after the dramatic Season 2 finale. The big question on fans' minds was the relationship between Paige and Walter. In the first episode back, Walter will arrive in Tahoe, where Paige and Tim went to spend a weekend together.

McPhee, who plays Paige, promised that it's, "definitely going to be an interesting interaction when Walter shows up!" She went on to say that Paige's feelings for Walter "are there but dormant," because she's not sure he's ready for a relationship.


One person who seemed ready for a relationship at the end of Season 2 was Toby. He popped the question to Happy, only for her to reveal that she's already hitched. Confused? Even the stars are wondering where this is headed! Asked what she's looking forward to, Wong, who plays Happy, said she really wants to know who her character is married to.

Wootton stayed tight lipped, but assured fans, "It’s going to be a lot of fun, so stay tuned."

Juicy Clues About What's On The Horizon

Team Scorpion won't be slowing down their global travels. Expect them to drop into all sorts of destinations, including some European intrigue in Bulgaria and Ireland.

McPhee said that Episode 2 of Season 3 "is one of our favorites of all the seasons... it's very exciting and different than our regular episodes. It’s really cool."

Stidham had a simple follow up about what he's looking forward to, "One word: More fire."

The Human Calculator

Sylvester will continue to pine for Megan, his love from Season 2. Stidham brings this emotional side of the Human Calculator to life, and said that if you're watching closely, you'll notice that he's still wearing a ring symbolizing their brief marriage.

"That's a very deep wound for him," said Wootten, who promised that we'll see Sylvester come out of his shell in an interesting way. "He may delve into politics."

Ready To Strike The Right Note

Asked if the show might do a musical episode, Wootton said they have lots of talent that would be ready for the challenge, so it's something he'd like to explore eventually. In fact, the stars in attendance tried to harmonize on the spot:

"It’s very musical when the cameras aren’t rolling," Thomas added.

Even More Romance?

Although Robert Patrick was on set and could not come to the panel, Wootton answered a fan question about what's ahead for Cabe Gallow romantically in Season 3. "We do have someone in mind [for a love interest]," he revealed.

Thomas said he was curious about the future relationships on the show. While the team is great at saving the world, he said, "They have trouble relating to each other, and we are being forced to interact more, and the relationships are going to be more and more intimate.”

Time To Get Ready

Asked about any rituals they have for the show, Stidham said that he gets sushi with Thomas once a year.

Thomas added that he used to to take a lunchtime nap, but he stopped as they made him grumpy.

McPhee has an especially tasty tradition of her own. She likes to eat donuts from craft services on Friday mornings.

How do you get ready for Scorpion? Start preparing! The two-hour Season 3 premiere of Scorpion airs on Monday, Oct. 3 at 9/8c. Until then, watch full episodes of the series' first two seasons on CBS and CBS All Access.