CBS Press Day Stalker, A New Type of Procedural
Posted on Jul 17, 2014 06:25pm

Stalker Executive Producer Kevin Williamson and series stars Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q joined the stage at the Television Critics Association Press Tour today to chat with the assembled press about their upcoming thriller. Kevin started the Q&A by expressing his love for CBS and its dramas. “I watch Elementary, Blue Bloods, and The Good Wife. I did not approve of the Josh Charles murder – but I’ll come back next season. Basically I watch everything on CBS,” he claimed.

He went on to introduce Stalker and noted how it got started.What Kevin hopes is that this show raises awareness on all the levels of stalking and will be ripping stories from the headlines. “Everyone can be a stalker; everyone can be a victim. It’s a very complex show. We are making an entertaining show but, I do also hope to raise awareness.”The detectives will also have stories of their own that will play out. Kevin talked a bit about Maggie Q’s character Lieutenant Beth Davis and the duality of her role. “She comes off cold and guarded – then she goes home and you see how vulnerable she is. “When asked about the differences in her role on Nikita, Maggie Q shared, “It’s a nice departure. You can’t write a story like this and not have violence but in terms of action it’s more of an internal strong female character.”We learned more about the Dylan McDermott’s character Detective Jack Larsen as Kevin explained, “I think what’s happening with Jack… I wanted to show the kernel of the obsession. There’s more reveals to come after the pilot. When does he cross the line?”Dylan shared how he was drawn into the project, “As soon as I read it, I loved it and I was really intrigued by Kevin. I want to surround myself with the best. And when I heard Maggie Q [was involved], I just thought it was a really interesting project and I’m very lucky.”Don’t forget to tune in to Stalker this Fall, on Wednesday, October 1st at 10/9c!